Yoga in Ukraine

As a nation, Ukrainians are curious, always ready to learn something unusual and surrender completely to new experiences and impressions. Some who practice yoga are tempted by its miraculous potential to heal disease, while others like its more philosophical aspect. Still, others practice yoga just to follow a booming trend. However, the main reason yoga has prospered here is that Ukrainians are busy, hard-working people who need to tear themselves away physically and mentally from work and their daily routines to take an all-too-important pause for their well-being.

Ukraine’s wide, green spaces and inspiring nature will inspire you to start practicing yoga. Its numerous wonderful mountains, picturesque lakes, various parks, and other scenic locations wait for you to join a yoga group and reach Zen. The Carpathian Mountains are obviously the best place to feel totally relaxed and calm, to forget about the city bustle, breathe fresh air. The International Carpathian Yoga Fest (June 03-09, 2017) is held every year at the eco-resort “Izki” and offers a week long program of trainings, lectures, and excursions. You will be amazed at the aroma of coniferous forests, clean air, and crystal-clear water, combined with coaches’ skilfull attention. We know you could try and get over all of life’s difficulties on your own, but isn’t it high time you caught your breath and recharged? The incredible combination of music, mantras, and nature, will increase cognition and recovery, making it is one decision you will never regret.
Kiev, too, has no shortage of places to practice yoga. Our capital is also rich in wonderful open-air locations perfect for yoga with numerous parks and green spaces with fresh air and attractive sceneries which delight the senses and inspire inner peace.

The first open-air place for yoga is A.V. Fomin Botanical Garden, situated in the city center. The coaches from from Kyiv Sunrise Yogaz will teach you how to do breathing exercises properly, relax, and listen to the sounds of nature.
Then in Mariyinsky Park, in addition to physical and breathing exercises, you can take vocal yoga lessons which concrete the energy aspect of working with voice. On June 21, you will have an amazing opportunity to explore this location for “International Yoga Day” 2017 conducted by outstanding yoga gurus and extensive cultural programming. Join us there on this special Day!

Trukhaniv Island is probably the most popular place in Kiev to hide from city noise, where you can escape into yourself and practice yoga, too, of course. It’s large green spaces, can even be called “wild” in some places. A new eco-festival “Be-E-human” (June 01 – Sept 30) with vegetarian food, yoga trainings, lectures and music performances will be held on Trukhaniv Island. The island also features the tree houses from your childhood and even the first Ukrainian tree hotel soon will be built there. The “Right Way” platform will be occupied with daily yoga classes, tai chi, qigong, to name a few. There will also be “Zen Sphere” where you will be able to go deep into meditation or take a course of personal and spiritual growth.

Another yoga festival, Life Yoga Fest will take place on 25-27 August (Expocenter of Ukraine). Its organizers promise a surge of energy and inspiration, useful and incredible meetings, with lectures about healthy food and other useful information combined with the less formal part of the festival: an ocean of happiness, thousands of hugs, a sea of love, and unforgettable surprises.

There are many advantages to begin practicing yoga immediately. While India is the birthplace of yoga, Ukraine is a great follower of it! See below our list of the finest yoga schools in Kiev that offer classes in English and show you this exciting and mysterious world called YOGA.

“Gayatri” Center

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ocated just near Taras Shevchenko Park, the “Gayatri” center is a real yoga island with an amazing approach to spiritual development. Founded by native Indian Mr. Pankaj Vedant, he aims to share knowledge about Yoga to the fullest extent possible. You will find over 8 Yoga directions, Female practices, Pranayama and even gymnastics Qigong. Pankaj always conducts Meditation, Pranayama, and Satsang yoga classes in English with Russian translation. Some teachers speak English here and it is also planned to launch the class in English soon. Additionally, there are numerous other events conducted on site including live music concerts, classes of Mandala weaving, Mehndi, Indian dances, lectures on Vocal, Yoga, and Vedic cuisine. Between June 02-06, the “Gayatri” center invites anyone interested to visit the seminar “Yoga, Form, and Content” that will be held in Open Sky Retreat Center.

Ukrainian Federation of Yoga

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ounded in 1998 by the outstanding yoga master, Andriy Safronov, the Ukrainian Federation of Yoga (UFY) is the oldest school of yoga in Ukraine. It is represented in many Ukrainian cities and also various countries of the world.The main purpose of this organization is to popularize yoga and a healthy lifestyle, as well as harmonize the relationship between man, society, and Nature. Instructors of the Federation follow a common program and methodology of teaching yoga, which creates consistency between different cities and branches.
In Kiev, yoga classes in English are given by the experienced UFY instructor Marina Kuptsova. She has practiced yoga since 2002, studied in Indian yoga schools, and currently co-owns the Yoga Zal studio. She is keen on popularizing yoga as a complex and effective system of solving a variety of life tasks. Each class is accompanied by a detailed analysis of both physical exercises – asanas and pranayamas and the theoretical foundations of yoga, and necessarily includes working with emotions.To find out the times and details about classes in English, contact Marina in any way convenient for you.

Kiev Yoga International

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]iev Yoga International bridges local and international cultures. All classes are held in English, some in French, with the possibility to take classes in other languages on request. Taking a complex approach, Kiev Yoga International studio supports and actively teaches numerous practices that help people become happier and are useful for life improvement. Their course offerings include Hatha yoga, Pilates, Acroyoga, Sound and Voice yoga, Nidra yoga, Relax yoga, Prenatal yoga, Postnatal yoga, and even Mom & Baby yoga. One more unique advantage of the studio is ability to pay online. This option is especially useful for clients who take individual class at home. Through yoga, other practices, master classes, and personal communication, instructors of the studio help foreigners to adapt to local life and feel at home in Kiev. Whether beginner or a very experienced practitioner – the doors of Kiev Yoga International are open to you!

  • 4-Class Pass (in English): UAH 540
  • +38 098 8285247; +38 050 3875718; +38 063 9499112
  • 7/14 Mykilsko-Botanichna Str. (10 min walking from Universytet/Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho/Palats Sportu Metro Stations)
  • pg/kievwellnessintl/

Kiev Yoga Studio

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]iev Yoga Studio is one of the largest and most famous studios in Kiev. There are three light-filled halls created with strong feng shui where you may find highly experienced instructors who work in a variety of different yoga directions. Except for yoga, there are regular dance classes, Pilates, Qigong, as well as master classes, themed meetings, dance and jazz evenings. Most Instructors know English well and will help you to select the instructor and class that match your needs. Kiev Yoga Studio works 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., thus, you can always find relaxation, friendly atmosphere and a cup of aromatic tea here.
The founders of the studio practice Tibetan Buddhism so in each hall here you can see the traditional Lungta prayer flags that are thought to bring well-being to all. In Kiev Yoga Studio you will find out that yoga is not only a lifestyle, but a way to change the world and yourself for the better!

  • 4-Class Pass (in English and in Russian): UAH 350
  • Hall “Soul Of Tibet”
  • +38 095 2729955
  • 20 Antonovicha Str. (Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho Metro Station)
  • Hall “Bodhi”
  • +38 050 1636770
  • 12-B Mykhailivska Str. (Maidan Nezalezhnosti Metro Station)
  • Hall “Sattva”
  • +38 068 3083798
  • 6-А Rudenko Str., 8th floor (Posnyaki Metro Station)
  • kievyogastudio/

If you think yoga might not be for you, I urge you to reconsider. Once you begin, you will breathe deeply, sleep deeply, and become as graceful as a swan. We all look for genuine happiness and try to find ways to live absolute harmony with ourselves. Yoga can and will open your eyes and heart to real life. Do yoga and yoga will do amazing things for you!