From Borsch to Kievskiy Tort:
Top Ukrainian Restaurants in Kiev

Ukraine’s hospitality and delicious meals are known far beyond its borders. Ukraine’s rich soil and hard-working people created an ancient tradition of healthy food prepared with a rich taste. Traditionally, our cuisine is built around meat and fish dishes served with stewed or baked vegetables. Some dishes are more popular during cold winter months (which help you to keep warm), whereas others, with lighter ingredients, are cooked during spring and summer.

Even if you do not eat pork or meat generally, you will always find fish or vegetarian dishes in each Ukrainian restaurant menu. Come to Kiev hungry! The culinary masterpieces of our restaurants will fill you up, delight your palate and teach you local traditions at the same time.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try:

  • Traditional Ukrainian dishes like Borsch, Varenyky, Golubsti and pancakes with various stuffings
  • Salo (finely sliced fat) – a traditional product served in Ukrainian restaurants
  • Local drinks such as Uzvar, Cherry Nalyvka and Mead (medovukha)
  • Kiev specialties like Kievskaya kotleta (Kiev cutlet made from chicken), Kievskiy tort (Kiev cake) and “Kyivska Perepichka” (a hot dog store located at the start of Bohdana Khmelnitskogo street.)

If you want to taste Ukrainian dishes and learn more about Ukrainian traditions, here are some good places to try the local food in the central Kiev:

Tsarske Selo

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ocated in a magnificent part of the city just near the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Tsarske Selo was one of the first Ukrainian national cuisine restaurants when it opened in 1998. You will be treated with great Ukrainian hospitality that, together with the cozy interior of Ukrainian village, creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and friendliness. The dishes preserve their historical names and are cooked according to the ancient recipes.
It’s not a secret, the real Ukrainian feast is impossible without Salo (fat). The firm platter “Hulyay, salo!” that includes 4 types of this truly Ukrainian delicacy and is served with spring garlic and pickled cucumbers will be the perfect complement to a good meal. As a main dish, we highly recommend you to try their “Royal” borsch with pork ribs served in a bread pot and accompanied with bacon, onions and a glass of Ukrainian horilka “for good appetite.”

Aside from the high service quality, the personnel speaks foreign languages to guarantee you a comfortable visit. In the evening, be ready to feel the energy of live music and get closer to Ukrainian culture.
Bon appetit, and have a truly tsar-like rest!

  • Working hours: 9 am – 1 am
  • +38 044 288 97 75; +38 067 434 11 22
  • 22 Lavrska Str.


[dropcap]R[/dropcap]estaurant Kureni is a country restaurant in the center of Kiev! This legendary place is really popular among locals as well as visitors to the capital. You can meet grandchildren of the first regulars and even the whole dynasties coming here to enjoy delicious and gourmet Ukrainian cuisine, welcoming atmosphere and good pastime in nature. During summer time the restaurant Kureni serves as a family recreation complex in the open-air. Amusement attraction “Trampoliner-Jumping,” children’s playground, open tandoori and barbecue, and a wonderful view of the Dnipro river and its Left bank are all waiting for you here in warm months.
The quality of products is one of the top priorities of Kureni so only the freshest ingredients will be used while cooking your dish. The main menu changes 2 times a year: in spring and autumn, while there are always some novelties and special offers in the restaurant. I would recommend you to try their grilled foods that are really tasty and worth ordering in the restaurant.
Every Sunday, there are interesting master classes conducted here for children. At the same time, on holidays the restaurant will surprise you with special treats and festive program. The average bill is around UAH 500. Hostess and waiters know English and will help to make your visit to Kureni truly enjoyable.

  • Working hours: 12pm – until the last client leaves
  • +38 044 253 17 24; +38 067 371 64 54
  • 4 Parkova road

Khutorets na Dnipri

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]hutorets, situated just on the Dnieper River, is a wonderful place for everyone who would like to try modern Ukrainian cuisine and enjoy the beautiful views of the left bank of the river. Here you will enjoy a rich choice of the best Ukrainian dishes, including 7 types of traditional Ukrainian salo, 5 varieties of borsch, and 7 flavors of varenyky.
Even better, there is a unique vodka room with more than 50 types of vodka from different regions of Ukraine. The restaurant constantly organizes different food festivals, trying to surprise the guests with new culinary masterpieces. In March, you are welcome to try the special fasting menu.

Every weekend there is a great entertainment program for children, including different master classes and live music in the evening.

P.S. The Kievskaya kotleta and Kievskiy tort will wow your taste buds!


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]hynok is one of the largest restaurant projects in Kiev, including 6 different conceptual halls performed in modern eco-style with the atmosphere of Ukrainian nature and homes. Cheerful girls and fellows in national clothes bring excellent, modernized traditional dishes that are made only from Ukrainian natural products of local farmers.
You may also be interested in visiting pottery, cooking, weaving, painting and other master classes that are regularly conducted in this restaurant-workshop.

Visiting Shynok, you will surely notice the magic Ukrainian cow “Malva” – the guardian of the hearth and symbol of the restaurant. People say Malva knows how to make wishes come true. Our team believe it is true!

Note that there is a 10% discount for guests who pay with a Visa card.

Taras Bulba

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]orchma Taras Bulba is notable not only for the rich menu translated into 36 languages but also for the original atmosphere, distinctive decor and a strong love of Ukrainian food that it successfully popularizes far beyond the national borders. Here you can find 18 kinds of authentic and tasty hand-made Ukrainian varenyky; take a photo in Ukrainian traditional costume for free; participate in master classes and ask waiters to conduct the small excursion along the restaurant-museum with lots of truly authentic things. What’s more, in Korchma Taras Bulba you will have a unique chance to learn how to cook the traditional Ukrainian borsch and extra-yummy pancakes. That is probably the only place in Kiev where you can try Stone Soup that is known from the famous old folk story.
Every Day Is a Holiday here. After 5 pm, visitors can enjoy the waiters dancing, while on Thursday and Fridays, you will hear live traditional music by the National Folk Chorus named G. Veryovka and other national bands.
Taras Bulba promises to show you that Ukrainian food is soft for the stomach and pleasant for the soul.

  • Working hours: 9 am – 11 pm
  • +38 093 3423868
  • 2-4/7 Pushkinskaya Str. close to Teatralna and Khreshchatyk Metro Stations


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he taste sensations and new adventures of the Ukrainian gastronomic world are waiting for you in a stylish Kiev restaurant Hatinka. Once inside, you will dive into the atmosphere of Ukrainian village, can choose among the wide array of traditional dishes and will be happy to learn what Ukrainian hospitality really means!
Here you will find various halls and rooms that meet your every need – banquet, marriage, romantic dinner or business meeting, but all of them are designed in Ukrainian traditional style and bring the feeling of fireside comfort.
Just under the blossoming cherry trees and wide-branching willows in “Svitlytsya” room, you will be treated with authentic dishes and elegant drinks. Banquet hall “Panski pokoyi” can easily hold 25 people inside and will definitely amaze you by its grandiosity. The true adornment of this hall is the Ukrainian stove decorated with colorful petrykivka painting. For more private meals, there are also small rooms for 4 people called “Komirchyna” and “Korivnya” while for business meetings it is better to book the special hall for 8-10 people where you will be able to conduct negotiations in the friendly atmosphere tasting rich borsch with pampushkas, ruddy potato pancakes or paunchy varenyky. Those who would like to overwatch the dynamic stream of city life over a glass of homemade horilka (hrinovuha, zhuravlykha, zubrivka) is invited to chose the table in front of the window or on summer terrace enclosed by a fence.

On holidays, Hatinka traditionally invites the professional music ensemble so you will have an amazing chance to enjoy famous Ukrainian songs that will definitely make your day even more festive and unforgettable.

Tell secret word “Hrinovuha” to waiter to get 10% discount.

  • Working hours: 11 am – 12 am
  • +38 044 238 86 15
  • 114 Velyka Vasylkivska Str.


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]alking along Khreshchatyk Street you will notice the recently-opened restaurant of green Ukrainian cuisine Yaryz. This place is perfectly suitable for a good meal and atmospheric time spending. A restaurant menu includes both traditional Ukrainian and European dishes. Brand Chef of the restaurant Anatoliy Tsuperyak, a star of the show Master Chef Ukraine season 3, offers you to try their unique and incredibly delicious bogracs, ham hock with potato, banosh with brynza and pork rinds, and cheesy gombovtsi. And of course, their homemade hrinovuha is one more reason to visit this place. Business lunches, dishes on a by-order basis, and grilled foods of high quality can be easily ordered here. In Yaryz, there are 6 halls so you can choose the one that best matches your needs. The interior of the restaurant is performed in authentic style. Here you will find beautiful plates decorated with traditional painting “Petrykivka” and famous Ukrainian embroidery including towers, pillows, vyshyvankas. Yaryz can be proud of a great collection of rushnyks (embroidered towers) that are brought here from different regions of the country and they are 30, 70 or even more than 100 years old. The restaurant organizes live music evenings when you can enjoy the traditional folk music that always played an important role in Ukrainians’ life and soul. You can organize banquet, stylized event or corporate party here.
All this together with traditionally styled dresses of waiters and Ukrainian songs will make you feel the local spirit to the full extent.

People say that “We are What We Eat.” If so, maybe that explains the incredible beauty of Ukrainian women, as well as outstanding sports achievements of Ukrainian men! (Just remember Vasyl Virastyuk, who won the title of The Strongest Man in the World, the world-famous boxing champions Klitschko brothers and many others).
A good combination of healthy ingredients and a rich choice of dishes will make you fall in love with Ukrainian cuisine! Find your culinary favorite in Ukraine, and share your impressions with us at