Top 8 Reasons to Visit Kiev

Annually, about one million foreign tourists visit the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. With such a wealth of natural beauty, rich historical heritage and cultural traditions this is not surprising! Below see TOP reasons WHY tourists come to Kiev according to our survey

Visa-free entry for all EU and many other countries.

Visitors from EU, USA, Canada, Turkey, Israel, and a great many other countries don’t require a visa to travel to Ukraine on a short-term basis. This visa-free entry makes it very easy for both leisure and business travelers to hop on a plane and arrive in Ukraine hassle-free.

Kiev city – the capital of Ukraine has two internationals airport and is well connected to many of the key cities in Europe.

To get more information about visa requirements check the Official Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine website. For those travelers that do require a visa to enter Ukraine, we can easily arrange an invitation letter for you so you can obtain the necessary visa. Feel free to contact us at, if you require our assistance in obtaining your visa.

Great value for money!

Due to recent economic crisis, the national currency Hryvna has devaluated more than 3 times whereas the local prices have remained more or less at the same level. This means your foreign currency can stretch much farther in Ukraine.

In Kiev, you can easily:

  • Have a decent lunch in one of the mid-range restaurants for $4-$10;
  • Take 6 journeys on the metro only for 1 US Dollar;
  • Take a taxi for about $2-3.
  • Rent a serviced apartment for about $40-50 per night.

Ancient History

Visiting Kiev you will find a lot of historical buildings that keep the spirit of different ages. Among the most famous places of interest are  Golden Gates (11th-century) and Andriyivskyy Descent. Modern Kiev will amaze you by the harmonic mixture of ancient and new architectural styles that creates the feeling of interweaving of Past and Present in one place.

The City of Golden Domes

Kiev is known for a great variety of beautiful churches whose golden domes are notable from everywhere in the city. The Saint Sophia Cathedral, Cyril’s Monastery and Kiev Pechersk Lavra are the most famous historical architectural complexes of Kyivan Rus’ inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Being in Kiev don’t miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the spiritual life of the city. These unique church ensembles are a must see!

Wonderful & Friendly People

People – the main wealth of the country. Having experienced a lot of pain and suffering in history, Ukrainians learned to be tolerant and wise. People here are well-educated, hard-working, interesting to talk to and are one of the most hospitable nations in Europe. Get to know them, become acquainted with their history, culture, traditions, try their food, learn a few Ukrainian phrases and you will be amazed what a huge treasure you found out!

Kiev is in the top cities with the most beautiful girls in the World. There are a lot of opinions regarding the reasons of such beauty concentration in Ukraine. Some people say that such a fertile land and favorable climate conditions create perfect environment for human well being. Others talk about numerous wars and location of the country at the crossroads between Europe, Arabia and the East that were the reasons of strong admixture of blood giving Ukrainian girls so bright appearance.

And still others believe that the beauty of Ukrainian women is not only in appearance, but also a soft character, smile, patience and family values. Overall, Ukrainian women are friendly, well-educated and look good paying special attention to their appearance.

Kiev Nightlife

Ukrainians like parties with drinks and lots of dancing! Kiev nightlife is represented by a great variety of clubs (work till 6 a.m) and 24-hour open restaurants and bars that attract more and more tourists throughout the year. You can smoke shisha, drink cocktails, dance on the bar and try yourself in karaoke (almost in all karaoke places you can opt to sing Ukrainian or English songs). You will definitely love nightlife in Kiev as this city never sleeps!

Medical Tourism

Ukraine is becoming increasingly popular in terms of recreational and medical tourism. Beautiful nature and cost-effective spa complexes are located throughout the country. High quality private clinics that adhere to international standards yet offer very cost-effective treatments are opening fast in and around Kiev.

Some of the most popular medical services offered in Ukraine include:

  • Surrogate Maternity – legalized in Ukraine since 2002
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Laser eye surgery


Business & Investment Opportunities

Hindered by the political turmoil in the past and being in the early stages of its economic growth, Ukraine has a lot of untapped business potential. Skilled and inexpensive human capital, favorable geographical position, a great variety of natural resources and underdeveloped economy create very attractive conditions for investing in Ukraine.

The most well-promising sectors in Ukraine are:

  • Software Development
  • Agriculture
  • Real Estate
  • Media and Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical industry and Healthcare

No doubt that the present poor political and economic climate, lack of an efficient legal system, and wide-spread corruption in Ukraine are a big deterrence for foreign investors who are otherwise keenly interested in the country’s investment potential. Regardless, savvy investors are able to creatively and successfully navigate through the complexities of doing business in Ukraine and reap rewards of their efforts. Working with a trustworthy and reliable professional services firm like ContactUkraine is essential when exploring your venture in Ukraine.

Ukraine is an excellent destination both for leisure and business travelers. Kiev is a city of dreams, an endless discovery for travelers as well as business people and each time you will explore something new in this amazing and beautiful city. Visit Kiev and enjoy its beauty, kindness and hospitality!