Top January Events in Kiev

In Kiev, there is nothing more festive than Christmas time when the city gradually enters into the spirit of holidays. The New year’s celebrations start here on December 19 (which is the day of St. Nicholas in the Eastern Christian countries). Each year, a large number of tourists come to the capital of Ukraine to feel the strong energetic spirit of the ancient city during this period and many truly believe in the New Year’s fairy tale.

Looking for Christmas markets and fairs? Holiday concerts? We worked very hard and prepared just the perfect list for you. Here are few ideas on how to spend your leisure time in Kiev in January. Relax and let the good times roll!

Dec 19 – Jan 15
The Main Christmas Fair

Sofiyivska and Mykhaylivska Squares
The city administration traditionally lights the main Christmas Tree of Ukraine on the Sophiivska square on December 19 and, thus, opens the month-long festive season for all residents and guests of the capital. You will get to enjoy the 26-meter Christmas tree, a huge gala scene with different concerts, the magical wishes tunnel, Christmas fair, the exhibition of ice sculptures, sliding boards, a merry-go-round, and the large panoramic wheel where you can explore the great views of historical city center and take some truly memorable pictures.


Dec 10 – Feb 28
The Open-Air Project “Winter country”

Expocenter of Ukraine (1 Hlushkova Ave.)
The grandiose project “Winter country” traditionally invites all visitors to join the celebration of New Year holidays. Here you can find numerous Christmas attractions as well as try out one of the best outdoor ice rinks in the city, tubing hills 12 meters in height, ice bar, ride a horse, have a hot air balloon ride, see Santa’s Reindeer, and even visit Santa’s Residence!


Dec 10 – Jan 1
Show “Vartovi Mrii”/Dream Guards

Concert Hall of Expocenter of Ukraine (1 Hlushkova Ave.)
3D-show “Vartovi Mrii” is a unique event conducted in Kiev for the second year. It is made as a New Year’s Fairy Tale with outstanding dancers, circus artists, acrobats and gymnasts to entertain you. The incredible 3D high-tech technology used for the show, promises to make it really magical!


Jan 2 – Jan 5
Ice Show “The Nutcracker”

The Kiev Palace of Sports (1 Sportyvna Square)
The New Year’s fairy tale about the magic world of children’s dreams is presented within the ice show “The Nutcracker”. All well-known characters will come to life on the ice rink of the Kiev Palace of Sports. During the show, the audience can enjoy the performance of 25 professional ice skaters including special guests Silja Dos Reis & Pierre-Loup Bouquet (Paris, France). 3D-graphics, the large LED screen, starry sky, and various projectors will make all children and adults believe in miracles.


Jan 3
The Night Before Christmas

The National Philharmonic of Ukraine (2 Volodymyrsky uzviz)
The program includes carols, authentic songs collected by famous novelist Nikolai Gogol, and the Ukrainian folk songs.
The concert will be performed by Folk Instruments Ensemble “Dyvohray”, Folklore feminine vocal ensemble “Solomia”, the artists of Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and many others. The event is a great opportunity to learn Ukrainian traditions through Christmas music and songs.


Jan 10 – Jan 11
The Concert “Christmas Walks Over the World”

October Palace (1 Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni Alley)
A world-wide famous Ukrainian national choir named after G.G.Veryovka presents the huge festive concert “Christmas walks over the world.” The program includes different ethno-folk compositions with vocal and choreographic scenes, modern decorations, and video effects. Here you can feel the real Christmas atmosphere and explore the outstanding vocal and dancing culture of Ukraine!


Dec 17 – Jan 15
Circus Performance “Cinderella”

The National Circus of Ukraine (2, Peremogy Ave.)
New Year’s circus performance “Cinderella” takes the audience on a journey to the Fairyland with already well-known fantastic characters and circus artists. Among them are the handlers of wild animals, aerial gymnasts, and acrobats who can amaze you by dangerous tricks as well as the beauty and great capacities of the human body.


Jan 14
The Concert “Shchedryk Shedrivochka”

National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet (50, Vologymyrska Str.)
The concert of Volyn national chorus “Shchedryk Shedrivochka” is dedicated to the Ukrainian traditional celebrations of the Old New Year Day and will combine the Ukrainian Christmas songs, folk dances, instrumental music that together form the amazing set of vocal and choreographic compositions.
You may be surprised to know that worldwide famous Christmas song “Carol of the Bells” was written by Ukrainian composer Nikolai Leontovich and is known as “Shchedryk.”


Jan 17
Jazz Concert «HENRY MANCINI»

The National Philharmonic of Ukraine (2 Volodymyrsky uzviz)
The National Philharmonic of Ukraine holds the Christmas jazz concert “Henry Mancini” dedicated to the American composer Enrico Nicola “Henry” Mancini.
The concert will be performed by “Jazz City Band”: Inesa Ivanytska (vocal, the initiator), Pavlo Shepeta (piano), Serhiy Suprun (bass guitar), Oleh Hrabovlak (the drums), Ihor Chernov (saxophone), Olexandr Tkachuk (mouth organ).


Jan 26
Opera “Don Carlos”

National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet (50, Vologymyrska Str.)
The libretto for “Don Carlos” is composed by Joseph Méry and Camille du Locleis based on the dramatic play of Friedrich Schiller. This three-act opera is performed within the project “Ukrainian opera stars in the world” aimed to show the greatest and worldwide famous Ukrainian artists such as the world-famous Ukrainian baritone Vitaliy Bilyy. The opera is performed in Italian.


Jan 28
Marco Concert #Jazz in Kiev Band

Cafe L’Etage (16a Shota Rustaveli St.)
Kiev Jazzband introduces the new program of Brazilian soul and funk, which will be represented in Cafe L’Etage in January. The band consists of such outstanding musicians as Aleksey Kohan (bass guitar), Vladymir Kamynskiy (keyboard), Valery Volkov (drums), Artem Mendelenko (saxophone), Vladymyr Lykhoshva (guitar), who are well-known in Ukraine and are among the main organizers of Alfa Jazz Fest, Jazz in Kiev.


Jan 7
Christmas Concert

National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet (50, Vologymyrska Str.)
One of the leading masters of opera and ballet scene will participate in the great Christmas concert in 2 acts. The first act is dedicated to the operas composed by W. Mozart and G.A. Rossini. The second act will be focused on the works of J. Strauss , J. Offenbach , I. Kálmán , F. Lehár , A. Lecocq.


Jan 19
The Baptism of Jesus and Epiphany

Obolon Quay (5a, Pririchna str.) and Hydropark
The main celebrations usually start at 12:00 in Obolon Quay near the Svyato-Pokrovsky Cathedral where the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine blesses the waters of Dnipro River. After that, the brave locals dive into freezing water of the Dnieper, as it is believed that on the night of January 19 it acquires the healing properties and helps people to recover from body and soul diseases. The same ritual of water consecrating is conducted at 14:00 in the landscape-recreational park “Hydropark” near the chapel of the baptism of Jesus Christ.