What is that vivid, stylish and challenging mixture that can replenish any lost fluid in your body? Even the word “cocktail” is associated with something original and unusual. No wonder — both luck and coincidence were required before achieving this invention. One of the most popular stories behind the cocktail name refers to rooster’s tail (or Cock’s Tail). No one knows if that’s true, but it is hard to argue that the colors of the mixed ingredients remind us of the bright, magic colors of the cock’s tail…

At the height of the Red Rooster 2017 year, our team opened the curtains of Kiev’s best cocktail bars, perfect for a relaxing evening or a vibrant night out. Enjoy the greatest options available when drinking in Kiev — сheers!

CHI & Cocktail “Scotch treasure”

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]HI is an oasis of relaxation in the picturesque part of the city, both a luxury restaurant and “party place” with a great summer terrace and magnificent views of Dnieper River. Everything here is in the best traditions of Southeastern Asia, India and China, adapted to European tastes. You will find a master copy of the Terracotta Army securing the entrance that makes you slow down and feel the strong energy that CHI is so famous for.

Special attention should be paid to the bar in CHI, headed by a mixologist from London. Interestingly, most of garnishes and ingredients for cocktails are made in-house. All this magic happens in a lab behind the curtains so that you can enjoy the original fresh syrups, liqueurs, infusions, foams, blends, sorbets etc.

Among the endless attractive choices, we recommend the “Scotch treasure” (UAH 250), based on Macallan 12 y/o whiskey and port wine and served in a retro glass. It is a well-balanced drink: slightly sweet and floral in the beginning, then the port gives it a sour note. The nicest part is that you will keep feeling that last aftertaste of cherry wood, nuts and orange in your mouth for the next ten minutes.

N::B Cocktails Bar & Cocktail “Baker’s Dozen”/ “№13”

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to the prominent bar-museum located near Independence Square, a successful continuation of the noble Nikka Whiskey tradition in Ukraine. You should definitely visit N:B Cocktails Bar if you are looking for hospitable atmosphere, variety of yummy cocktails, elegant decor imbued with love for oriental martial arts, and a true samurai spirit in the air.
The real symbol and hostess of this place is a friendly dog Morihei, originally from Tibet, who greets the precious guests. Believe me, this place is one of the few where you will be treated on a higher level!

The bar combines renewed drinks with a base of Nikka whiskey and timeless classic and original cocktails from bartender Andrew Molnar who agreed to share with us the worthwhile story of his favorite drink with a fateful name “№13” or “Baker’s Dozen” (UAH 139). Whether you believe in the power of numbers or not, the most meaningful events in Andrew’s life are related to the number 13. Probably because of that, his bar is located at №13 on Mykhailivska Str. and can be proud of an adorable cocktail that features the fantastic Ron Zacapa, renowned Amaro Montenegro, Giffard Fraise de Boise and fresh lemon. Why don’t you just try your luck with the cocktail “№13” here?☺

To Be & Cocktail “Waikiki”

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his famous bar in Podil is probably one of the best places to enjoy a great variety of alcoholic drinks and an extremely wide range of hookahs on the big terrace, open year-round. Besides that, “To Be” is famous for interesting modern design enriched with many wood and metal elements, a separate tea bar with many tea mixes and classic teas, and themed weeks devoted to different national cuisines. If you are lucky enough to come here, seize the opportunity to try their wonderful black sushi rolls, beef tartare with truffle caviar or veal medallions.

Special attention should be paid to the constantly renewing and increasing bar card here. We highly recommend discovering the refreshing cocktail “Waikiki” (UAH 160), dedicated to the founding father of Tiki culture Don the Beachcomber, who invented the tiki bar and opened his second “Polynesian Village” in the resort area called Waikiki Beach. Bartenders at “To Be” know the real value of Tiki traditions and will make sure your evenings never run dry here.
Note, it is better to book table at the “To Be” bar in advance.

Whisky corner & Cocktail “Caledonian Coffеe”

[dropcap]“T[/dropcap]he one who says there is truth in wine, has never tried whisky” – the motto of the Scottish house-restaurant “Whisky Corner”, a true piece of Scotland in the capital of Ukraine. In this unique conceptual restaurant, whisky is held in especially high esteem. There are over 750 unique whisky samples from all over the world, accompanied by traditional dishes of Scottish and European cuisine. As the Scottish still use the old cooking methods, be ready to find different smoked products, nourishing soups and meat and fish dishes as well as famous Scottish haggis on the restaurant menu.

The real highlight of the restaurant and the favorite “dessert” of guests is “Caledonian Coffеe” (UAH 139), a fantastic combination of aromatic coffee with fresh rich cream and well-chosen single-malt Scotch whiskey Glen Grant Majors Reserve. This admirable original analogue to Irish coffee will cheer you up and bring inspiration for the whole day!

Add the easily walkable location and heartwarming atmosphere to that, and you have an exceptional night out!

Mozgi Bar & Cocktail “Porn Star Martini”

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n exclusive gastro bar with a convenient location that offers equally tasty dinner and drinks. Situated outside the Arena City complex, Mozgi Bar attracts attention by its distinguishing interior designed in the steampunk style. Overall, it looks like a working mechanism, the mechanism of the brain (“mozgi” in Russian), so you will find a lot of creatively combined elements made from glass and steel. Feel free to ask the waiter more about the concept of the bar, and you will find out a lot of interesting details. Meat ideology is the main priority of Mozgi Bar, so meat prevails here in most menu options. Snatch your chance to enjoy the special dish “Pork ribs in homemade BBQ sauce,” especially preferred by guests.

Mozgi Bar will pleasantly surprise you with its wide range of alcohol and the high professionalism of its bartenders. The calling card of this place is the cocktail “Porn Star Martini” (UAH 220), a tasty mix of Finlandia vodka, Vanille de Madagascar liqueur, martini prosecco and egg white with tasty notes of passionfruit, lime and orange bitters.
Overall, Mozgi Bar is a wonderful, atmospheric place, a challenging combination of style and inspiration, and one of the favorite destinations for Kiev partiers and cocktail lovers.

  • 10-04 (Mon-Sat), 10-00 (Sun)
  • +38 050 6295555; +38 067 4390707
  • 2A Baseyna Str.
  • mozgibar.com

Palata №6 & Cocktail “Helmet”/ “Kаska”

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ooking for the most unusual and crazy cocktails in Kiev? Palata №6 is the bar of your dreams, absolutely the most bizarre place I’ve ever visited. Everything here is designed around a medical doctor theme so that you feel yourself in a nut hospital: waiters are dressed as nurses, and a wide array of shots are served in test tubes. Palata №6’s food is good, and the decor is fun and lets you get into the spirit.

The oddest cocktail in this place is called “Helmet” (UAH 100). Let me tell you why… The cocktail serving includes a vibrant show that involves you wearing a helmet that is set alight and drinking shots while the staff smash your head with random objects. This cocktail is for boldest, I would say. In any case, it is very interesting and exciting to watch!

Note that it’s tricky to find this place for tourists, so ask locals to show you around. It will definitely be worth the effort!

Lysa Gora Bar & Cocktail “Lysa Gora”

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ave you heard that Kiev is the capital of religions and at the same time – the capital of witches? In Kiev, witches were never persecuted and were respected a lot due to their transcendent capacities! For witches’ sabbath, they usually gathered on one of Kiev’s 13 bald mountains – Lysa Gora.
To revive the ancient traditions of magic, a new Lysa Gora Bar was recently opened just in the city center. Mystic interior with various herbs, protective charms, numerous candles, and switches will bring you to the eternal world of magic where all is possible! Are you curious about your fortune? Or maybe you would like to know more about our mysterious city and learn ancient secrets of magic? Then this place is just for you!

The bar offers its guests 13 cocktails, 9 of them are magic and 4 ritual! Their signature cocktail “Lysa Gora” (UAH 120) is a unique combination of all the 4 forces of nature in one glass! Cinnamon stick symbolizes the grain, the water is the cocktail itself, the fire comes from black absent which is burned before you start drinking and the air is fume around the glass while you taste the cocktail… In addition, you should definitely try here herbal tea (herbs are being carefully gathered only on “the right lunar days”), nettle green borsch, and varenyky (either black “shamanic” or white “waterwitch”), which are real culinary masterpieces!

  • 17-01 (working days), 11-01 (weekends)
  • +380 95 8139599
  • 9A Bulvarno-Kudryavska Str.
  • fb@witchbar13