Top 8 Gifts to Take Home With You

Ukraine is a land of rich culture, ancient traditions and hospitable people. Once you visit, you will want to take something home as a memory of your trip. However, it is often not easy to choose among the wealth of options. If you’re looking for something distinctively Ukrainian in Kiev, discover our handy guide to local gifts, and turn souvenir shopping into an enjoyable part of your travel!

1. Honey

Ukraine is the Europe’s largest and fastest-growing producer and exporter of natural honey. This is due to the high quality and comparatively inexpensive price of Ukrainian honey ($3–$8 per liter). This country with fertile soils and a great variety of plants, especially medicinal ones, is a perfect spot for honeybees. Interestingly, modern beekeeping was invented by Petro Prokopovych, who lived and worked in Ukraine. So if you come to Kiev, taste the unique flavor of natural honey, and don’t forget to bring a pot home for your friends and relatives. Once you try it, you will want more!

2. Embroidered shirt/T-shirt

It is probably hard to find something more Ukrainian than the vyshyvanka – an embroidered shirt in the Ukrainian national costume. It is a traditionally adorned with black, red or blue motifs and has its own distinctive design that varies by region. A vyshyvanka is a valuable souvenir that can tell a lot about Ukraine, its culture, and traditions. Usually, the handmade vyshyvanka will cost you $40-50 and can exceed $600 for exclusive models.


3. Gerdan

A gerdan is a bright traditional necklace made of beads with typical geometric patterns or floral ornament. It has always served as a powerful talisman for both men and women and was an important adornment of the national costume. In recent years, these accessories have become very popular and stylish among Ukrainian women, who professionally combine ethnic gerdans with casual clothes. The price of a gerdan usually varies from $10 to $20.


4. Pysanka

In Ukraine, it impossible to imagine Easter without a pysanka (from Ukr. “pysaty” – to write) – an Easter egg decorated with symbolic Ukrainian folk designs using wax (the batik method). It is believed that a pysanka is energetically powerful and brings health, fertility, love and wealth. People often use them as gifts to relatives and friends as well as talismans for good fortune and abundant harvests. This ritualistic element can be a great souvenir from Ukraine for your soulmates. The average price for pysanky made from wood varies from $3 to $10.


5. Petrykivka painting

Looking for souvenirs in Kiev, you may notice beautiful colorful flowers, berries and birds, painted in distinguished style on the caskets, plates, spoons and vases. This is traditional decorative painting called petrykivka that originates from Dnipropetrovsk region. Petrykivka painting is unique and was included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013. A souvenir designed in this style сan be brought only from Ukraine, so seize the opportunity to bring the best from here!


6. Chocolate and sweets

Ukrainian chocolate and candies will be the best souvenir for the sweet tooth.
Several confectioneries with excellent sweets in Ukraine are popular among foreign guests. In 2012, the Roshen Corporation was ranked 18th among world’s largest confectionery companies in the “Candy Industry Top 100” list.The company’s name was derived from the surname of its founder, Poroshenko, the current President of Ukraine. Tourists enjoy the traditional box of chocolates “Evening Kiev,” the beautifully designed souvenir set “Ukraine” and the well-known Kiev cake by Roshen. We also recommend Lviv handmade chocolate, which you can easily buy in various brand shops in the Kiev city center.


7. Scratch map

A scratch map is a brilliant gift for those who have been to many countries and love traveling. This interesting invention is a map with a top foil layer that allows you to scratch off the destinations you have already visited and will inspire you to new, exciting trips. With special stickers, you can mark your activities and visualize your travel records! In Kiev, you can buy beautifully styled, quality world scratch maps for about $14–$18.

8. Fashion things

Having a good production base, highly skilled workforce and often lower cost of manufacturing, Ukraine is a unique shopping destination for those who are looking for quality handmade and designer things at affordable prices. You should definitely discover beautiful batik scarves, handmade linen, jewelry, ceramics, fashionable clothes and shoes. Such creative and valuable gifts can be a great surprise for your friends and relatives.

The most popular placesto shop for souvenirs in Kiev:

  • Andriyivskyy Descent with its permanent souvenir bazaar
  • Subway of Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station
  • Shopping malls (Metrograd,Globus etc.)
  • Narodnyi Dim Ukraina (4 Prorizna Str.), Phone no.: +38 044 53917 00; Website:
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