TOP Organic Restaurants in Kiev

The 21st century is the time of modern technology, quick developments, and healthy lifestyles. Nowadays, it is a booming trend to be vegetarian or just a healthy eater. Great news, actually! A wholesome food will never harm your body, but instead contribute to a long, vigorous life. Gone are the days when people who wanted to eat organic meals had to rely on cooking daily for themselves and their families. Today, Kiev has a delicious array of organic restaurants offering everything from fabulous organic food to delectable organic gourmet dishes. Here some of the best restaurants in the capital to feel the organic spirit, while enjoying a tasty meal. Bon appétit!


Salateira is an international restaurant chain, which gives its customers an opportunity to choose and combine ingredients according to their preferences. All dishes are made from fresh ingredients in large portions at reasonable prices. It may sound strange, but “Salateira” is a fast-food restaurant. However, anyone on a diet can afford to choose something yummy here without any remorse. Each of the 10 restaurants in Kiev has a PURE Water station, where you can treat yourself to a complimentary glass of water with lemon. The mix of seeds, apples, olive oil and balsamic vinegar are also free of charge. The interior of the restaurants is made in green and white color spectrum with spacious halls and numerous plants, creating a relaxing atmosphere. If you are in a hurry, use “take away” which is, of course, available here. There is a special kids area with necessary equipment and nurses in one of the restaurants situated in “Aladdin” shopping mall, where the master classes for the little guests are conducted from time to time. Salads with chicken, seafood, nourishing pasta, cream-soups, ravioli with cottage cheese (for breakfast) are incredibly delicious. “Salateira” is the place where you are served fast, healthy, and tasty! Drop into “Salateira” for a legendary Caesar Delux (UAH 109) and stay healthy!

  • 2 Generala Vatutina Ave. (“SkyMall”)
  • 12 Luhova Str. (“Karavan”)
  • 72 Velyka Vasylkivska Str. (“Olimpiiskii”)
  • 1B Gnata Hotkevycha Str. (“Prospect”)
  • 6D Berkovetska Str. (“Lavina Mall”)
  • 37 Petra Sagaidachnogo Str.
  • 1 Maidan Nezalezhnosti (“Globus”)
  • 3A Gryshka Str. (“Aladdin”)
  • 56 Yaroslavska Str.
  • 51/53 Volodymyrska Str.
  • Working hours: 8, 9 or 10 am till 10 pm (depending on the place)
  • +38 044 227 43 44
  • Salateira
  • salateira


Fast-casual or natural & fast is a popular tandem of quality products and fast service around the world. Today, people are usually quite busy and can not afford to spend an hour for lunch. “MOMO” is for those who prefer eating quickly and healthy as it gives an opportunity to complete the ritual in 20 minutes. The entire interior makes clear that you are in the cafe of healthy food: a lot of greenery, wooden details, spacious, bright halls and comfortable seating greet customers with a homey feel. The showcase is divided into two parts – cold and warm. Salads and rolls always remain fresh, and the main dishes and soups remain hot. Both meat-eaters and vegetarians can find something delicious in the “MOMO” menu. Salad with chicken and wild rice, a roll with chicken or quinoa with goulash made from soya with curry sauce is a great decision for your lunch. There is also a variety of choices for your sweet tooth: candied fruit, nuts or fruit chips etc. Natural lemonades deserve your attention as while making, sugar is substituted for glucose. Try grapefruit or rhubarb-celery lemonade and become aware of the special feature which is immediately felt in the taste of the lemonade made in “MOMO”. The waiters understand and speak English and the option “take away” is available too. “MOMO” is located near the Dnipro pier, so it is a great way to soak up the sun while having healthy lunch.


“Be simple, eat simple!” – this is the main idea of the restaurant of health-giving dishes and drinks. “Simple” offers a varied menu of local fresh products that do not need freezing, preserving, etc., but at the same time, the combination of these products is unusual and original as the chef is fond of experimenting and novelties in his recipes.
“Simple” tries to explain to the customers that healthy food does not need to be boring, but fast, useful, and tasty. The restaurant’s atmosphere is very cozy, even virginal. The designers used natural colors and materials – wood, plywood, kraft paper, and so on to preserve their natural textures. In the restaurant, there is a wide range of Grab & Go dishes. An average bill at “Simple” is nearly UAH 100, that is rather inexpensive for organic food. “Simple” also offers delivery, so you can start or finish your day with a fast and healthy meal. If you make up your mind to visit the restaurant (that I strongly advise you), waiters speak English and will assist you with pleasure.
In short, “Simple” believes you should not complicate things. All that’s needed is to be reasonable when choosing food. Keep fit and keep it simple!


Jackfruit, mangosteen, cherimoya, tamarillo, salak, longan… have you ever heard of these fruits? No? Welcome to RAMBUTAN – fruit studio bar, where you will be able not only to see and smell them but taste and stop being surprised by their unique names. “Rambutan,” a real paradise for lovers of tropical fruits, consists of fresh-bar, shop, restaurant, and cocktail bar. This place is very extraordinary because of the vintage interior, associated with the museum (because of the exotic fruit counter) and chemist’s shop (colorful and nice fruits as the best means for treatment of all diseases). Each dish includes exotic or traditional fruit and there is no doubt that you will be pleased with gratin of pineapple, green burger with tamarillo OR summer season offers such as strawberry gazpacho with ice cream or salad with fresh zucchini in orange cream cheese with tamarillo and greens. “Rambutan” also launched a Detox program and started to promote gastronomic trend BOWLS (it is beautifully laid out the ingredients of the dish with the addition of superfoods, balanced correctly in one “bowl”). The range of prices is various here, but understand that those fruits which have been picked from the trees just today don’t come cheaply. However, there are special offers in this fruit studio bar very often and there is also a possibility to buy the quantity of fruits that you wish. The waiters speak English, so you can boldly ask them to slice or pack the fruits you have chosen.
“Rambutan” is an atmosphere of juicy summer and fruit aromas, inexhaustible inspiration, and an elegant menu. You won’t find any similar places as “Rambutan” in the whole world. Come and check it out! At the very least, you will be pleasantly surprised and tastefully fed!

  • Working hours: 10 am till 10 pm daily (on Thursday, Friday, Saturday – until the last client leaves)
  • 82 Velyka Vasylkivska Str.
  • +38 096 900 82 82
  • 18 A Dragomirova Str. (RC Novopecherski Lypky)
  • +38 068 608 74 74
  • rambutanfruitstudio
  • rambutan_fruitstudio_bar