Romantic Restaurants Designed to Impress

People have searched for centuries for the best way to say “I love you.” Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day are occasions that remind us all of what is really important in life — magical days that encourage creative expressions of love, devotion and fidelity. There’s no doubt that spending a memorable evening at an excellent restaurant or bar contemplating a beautiful sunset together is always a welcome addition to your plans for romance. Just pick from this list and put a smile on your valentine’s face!


Altecho, the Romance Service

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ltecho, the romance service, stands ready to assist you in devising a truly unforgettable surprise for the one you love, such as a charming rooftop dinner with a panoramic view of the main sights of Kiev including the Motherland Monument, Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Dnipro River, Podil, Pechersk and the capital’s five bridges. Don’t worry: she can wear that elegant dress without shivering even at this chilly time of year, thanks to a warm and transparent gazebo that will keep you both cozy while you enjoy the spectacular view. The atmosphere is romantic to the max, in a setting decorated with rose petals, candles and fresh flowers, exquisite lamps and vases. You can be serenaded by a masterful saxophonist or violinist, and dance to “Careless Whisper” while you admire the red sky at sunset, or later the thousands of lights of glowing Kiev, merging with the stars of the night sky. A professional photographer will be at your disposal to capture her radiant smile. The range of possible additional services is really astonishing: fireworks, a telescope on the roof, delivery by limousine, and even a Champagne bath!

If she is a real cinema addict, Altecho can organize your date in a cozy room with an individual viewing of your favorite movie on a big screen. She won’t refuse a chance to watch Titanic again, snuggling up to you during the most exciting scenes.

Every date, of course, is unique. The menu, prices and services can vary, depending on your wishes. A growing number of foreigners have been using the services of Altecho, which has some employees fluent in English and Spanish, and who also understand French.

Highlights of the menu:

  • Dinner on the roof (table service, a telescope for star-gazing, candles, rose petals (the “Classic”)): from UAH 900 per hour
  • Additional hour UAH 300
  • Photo session: UAH 400 per hour
  • Live music: UAH 450
  • Delivery by limousine: UAH 1500
  • Romance tip: If you’re planning something spectacular, don’t tell your love where you are taking her. If you’re a good actor, it’s easy enough to invent some banal plan for the evening and let Altecho’s employees know about it in advance; they’ll do their best to play along until it’s time to spring the big surprise. That’s the key to making this a really memorable occasion, one sure to surprise and delight your date. She is truly worthy of that, so do your best!

    [dropcap]2[/dropcap] MATISSE

    [dropcap]A[/dropcap]t a height of 52 meters in the very heart of the capital is a warm little paradise for couples, Matisse restaurant. It’s the perfect spot for those looking to spend a wonderful evening in an atmosphere of romance and tranquility. With its range of exquisite dishes, elegant service, vibrant choice of fine wines, and breathtaking views, accompanied by relaxing lounge music, it’s no wonder Matisse is a popular choice for declarations of love and marriage proposals. (And of course, the ladies say “yes!”) The best time to visit is in the evening, when Kiev lights up, or at sunset, when you can enjoy the changing colors of the sky from its panoramic glass walls.

    Traditional Ukrainian cuisine, French and Italian dishes are lovingly cooked in Matisse’s open kitchen. Your tastebuds will be delighted by their special salad with duck, mango and soft goat cheese, foie gras with mango puree and berries, classic cheesecake, and a special sweet surprise timed to the holiday. Complete the picture by sampling from Matisse’s collection of vintage champagnes, divine wines and other alcoholic beverages available in the wine bar. The sommelier can help you make the best choice.

    On Valentine’s Day, Matisse invites couples to enjoy a special program and extra surprises in its romantic atmosphere. To be sure to get your lucky table, with an excellent view, remember to book well in advance.

    Lifehack: To reach the restaurant from the lobby of CITYHOTEL, take the elevator on the left side (which will work without a hotel guest card).

    [dropcap]3[/dropcap] Terrace Restaurant at the Vozdvyzhensky boutique hotel

    [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Terrace Restaurant is just a few steps from the magical Andriyivsky Descent, the real heart of Kiev. This restaurant attracts many guests with its romantic atmosphere, cozy garden terraces, and a reputation for tasteful hospitality.

    Traditionally on February 14, for Valentine’s Day, couples are invited to an especially romantic evening. This year the Terrace is going to amuse guests on “BAR/ADAM&EVA” party with an aphrodisiac menu, specially created cocktails, and dancing topped off by prize draws and surprises! On this festive occasion, hotel guests are greeted with a glass of «Oh, my Paradise» welcome cocktail in the elegant lobby, which ensures the party begins the moment you step into the hotel. Live music, exquisite treats including the unforgettable dessert show, and gifts from the hotel and restaurant await in the Banquet Hall (Price: UAH 2000 per person). If you like, you can ask for an especially romantic tete-a-tete table at the Terrace Restaurant.

    On March 8, Women’s Day, the Terrace Restaurant offers the ladies exclusive cocktails in a very friendly atmosphere. Perfect service and a great variety of dishes guarantee you’ll have a nice time here. Just don’t forget to book your table in advance.

    As the restaurant is a part of the Vozdvyzhensky boutique hotel, it’s a great idea to book a charming room for the night and enjoy a fresh in-room breakfast in the morning, letting the festive mood continue into the next day.

    [dropcap]4[/dropcap] Whisky Corner

    [dropcap]S[/dropcap]t. Valentine is a regular guest at Whisky Corner restaurant. Perhaps, he’s a great fan of Mortlach Pedro Ximénez, whisky that is as sweet as the first love? On the 14th of February, he is expected to pay a visit to Whisky Corner and create an unforgettable atmosphere that all lovers aspire to find this day: a candlelit dinner with delicious dishes (aphrodisiacs, if you wish), accompanied by the sounds of romantic music and declarations of love. On this special day, the chef highly recommends sauteed scallops with bacon and leek (UAH 385) and assorted royal prawns, mussels, and scallops with cream sauce (UAH 695), together with a glass of scotch or a disarming custom cocktail crafted by a professional sommelier at Whisky Corner, just the thing to accompany a passionate kiss.

    Some people seem to think Whisky Corner is a restaurant catering mainly to men, but we certainly never said that! Our female guests at Whisky Corner are simply charming and fond of whisky, so on Women’s Day, in particular, they receive the maximum amount of attention and love.
    Whisky Corner restaurant is open daily and ready to make any holiday even more pleasant and enlightening. Discover the world of whisky, brighten up any gloomy evening, and remember that a well-chosen drink is the perfect accompaniment to a Scottish feast. Find, love, and enjoy!