• 10 Verkhnii Val St.
  • SM Ocean Plaza, 0 level
  • SM Metrograd, Central block
  • 38 Khreshchatyk St, TSUM, 3rd floor

Elegant and feminine minimalist coats with geometric elements are the big theme in Frizman’s spring 2018 collection. Some variations include a lining inside the highest-quality wool and cashmere, to keep you from feeling chilly on a cool spring day. A great variety of jackets and multifunctional 2-in-1 sets, with a vest and jacket, are also well worth checking out. This season’s collection features culotte trousers made from the finest wool, giving you the chance to show off your true fashionista style.

The color palette is as delicate as you are: classic shades of cream, navy blue, grey, camel, and beige. In a word, there’s plenty to choose from.

This collection is perfect for women who like to carve out their own individual style rather than rush toward the latest fast-fashion trend.

Venue addresses: Kyiv

  • Frizman store, 10 Verkhnii Val St. (the ground floor of the Business Center)
    Contact: +38 044 459 73 73
  • Frizman store, SM Metrograd, Central block (entrance next to Bessarabian market)
    Contact: +38 044 394 83 05
  • Satin store, SM Ocean Plaza, 0 level
    Contact: +38 095 550 45 63
  • Ukrainian Designer’s Corner, 38 Khreshchatyk St, TSUM Kyiv Department Store, 3rd floor
    Contact: 0 800 60 02 02
  • Website: