Unique Ukrainian Fashion Brands
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Made in Ukraine:

For every woman, new clothes and accessories come like a breath of fresh air, especially in spring. At this time of year, shops and boutiques amaze with new collections in vibrant colors and trendy styles that will have you dreaming about a fashionable new look. It’s time to shed those warm coats and set off on an exciting search for this season’s must-haves.


Elegant and feminine minimalist coats with geometric elements are the big theme in Frizman’s spring 2018 collection. Some variations include a lining inside the highest-quality wool and cashmere, to keep you from feeling chilly on a cool spring day. A great variety of jackets and multifunctional 2-in-1 sets, with a vest and jacket, are also well worth checking out. This season’s collection features culotte trousers made from the finest wool, giving you the chance to show off your true fashionista style.

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Jenadin is a Ukrainian manufacturer of unique seamless clothing made from high-quality yarns. Why seamless? The idea is to provide soft and comfortable clothes, along with lightness and grace rolled into one. Due to the complexity of producing garments this way, this usually equates to clothing created by hand, which makes such clothing valuable. Jenadin offers men’s and women’s collections as well as home textiles, using natural yarns (merino wool, cashmere, silk, viscose), purchased directly from Italian factories.

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Kozzachka is a quality brand for stunning folk-chic clothing and accessories with a Ukrainian twist. All of the items are unique and handmade, with attention to the smallest details, as Kozzachka collaborates with small local communities of craftspeople.
In support of Ukrainian producers, all of Kozzachka’s clothing and shoes are made exclusively in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. The brand strives to model environmental responsibility, creating timeless clothes while practicing no-waste production based on recycled materials.

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Oksana Korolchuk design studio

Oksana Korolchuk combines extensive knowledge of fashion design with fine clothing production. Using professional equipment and working with qualified specialists, they create fur, leather, knitwear, and textile items for men, women and children, emphasizing great fit while staying on-trend. Oksana Korolchuk designs combine lifestyle trends with great personality.

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