Sweets & Bakery in Kyiv

Do you know what love tastes like? Certainly sweet, delicate, with a surprising aftertaste, like salted caramel or some of the other mysteriously enticing items offered at the following confectioneries. Each one is a great place to go if you’re looking for something special to give on Valentine’s Day, or you’re out with a group of cheerful female friends seeking for a sweet treat to celebrate Women’s Day!

Madame Josy Patisserie

The first thing that appeals about this confectionary is its location. It’s in the heart of Kyiv, but on a street so calm and cozy that the city bustle seems to have no chance.
Breathe in the shop’s magical Parisian charm and meet the refined Madame Josy, who is ready to share the secrets of French hospitality and acquaint you with the most exquisite of French desserts.
Most of the ingredients here are imported from France. Violet and rose water, sublimated berries, flower petals — you’ll taste little miracles spun from elements like these in desserts such as the Violeta, an elegant mousse cake in floral hues flavored with the sweetness and tang of berries.
Or enjoy a classic eclair, perfect just as it is with no need to gild the lily. Don’t miss the vanilla one (48 UAH), with a harmony of flavors, simply presented. A minute after it arrives, don’t be surprised to find your plate empty and yourself enthusiastically requesting the second.
The drink menu perfectly complements the fantastic desserts. There are beverages for every taste: classic and specialty blend teas, fragrant fresh-roasted coffee, and fine French wines. The choice depends on your mood and how long you choose to linger. But be careful — time can fly by imperceptibly here.

Madame takes orders for cakes, and the shop’s confectioners are prepared to translate your wishes into incredible French-style desserts.
This is more than a confectionery; it’s a place with its own sincere and vibrant personality, where you can’t help but want to return again and again. It doesn’t matter whether you’re there to meet friends, to talk business, or cultivate a budding romance. Madame Josy confectionery will conquer your heart as soon as you cross its threshold.

Menu highlights:

  • Vanilla eclair (UAH 48)
  • Violeta mousse cake (UAH 97)
  • Cerise mousse cake (UAH 103)

  • Smiyan Confectionery

    If the smell of freshly baked croissants leaves you feeling cheerful all day, a great dessert gives you a surge of endorphins, and a cup of fragrant coffee seems to send your creativity soaring, Smiyan Confectionery is your kind of place, a combination of all the most delicious from the past, present and future! Here you’ll find all kinds of deliciousness, starting with traditional desserts beloved from your childhood, the recipes carefully preserved yet improved and embellished. Melt-in-your-mouth eclairs filled with excellent custard (from UAH 50) and classic macarons with various fillings (from UAH 25) transport lucky customers directly to France.
    The wonderful homey aroma of Smiyan’s freshly roasted coffee is matched by its maximal flavor, from a Central American blend. In order to achieve the desired culinary result, Smiyan imports premium products from Italy.

    A distinctive feature of the confectionery is that desserts are sold by weight rather than by the piece, which means you don’t need to buy a whole cake if you want just a little indulgence. You can buy as little as an 150–180 g slice if you prefer.
    Note, the cafe also offers fast and convenient delivery service, seven days a week, and you can order any product you like for delivery on their website (with 5-10 % discount).
    The Kingdom of Sweet Phantasies Smiyan actively participates in the development of culinary art in Kyiv and is also a frequent guest and partner of large-scale events in Ukraine.

    Menu highlights:

  • Drunken Cherry Cake (UAH 146 / 320 g.)
  • Cherry pie with cream and powdered sugar (113 UAH / 380 g.)
  • Kyiv cake on the recipe of 1956 with the addition of cashew (UAH 138 / 280 g.)
  • Cheesecake of real Philadelphia cheese (175 UAH/ 350 g.)
  • Royal Bakery

    The Royal Bakery cafe is located in one of the most beautiful places in Kyiv — Obolonska Quay. Guests, regardless of their status and level of popularity, feel very comfortable and informally in the cafe. Thanks to its huge assortment of baked goods, and a balanced and tasty menu, you’ll always enjoy passing time there.
    What makes Royal Bakery a unique place is the nightly routine of mixing, shaping, baking and filling pastries in time for the morning rush. You won’t find fanciful, unnatural desserts here, because Royal’s goal is quality, good taste and absolute safety of the products. If you come any morning, you’ll be impressed by the array of choices.
    You’ll see divine desserts, low-calorie pastries, and, for those with special needs, baked goods made without yeast, sugar or gluten. In the evening, these items can be purchased at a big discount, and you may even be given something as a gift. As the night begins, the process of baking starts all over again, so morning customers can enjoy nothing but the very best, freshly baked foods.
    Also, we must not fail to mention the excellent coffee, made in the best Italian tradition. We recommend their perfect cappuccino for all lovers of coffee with milk. Royal Bakery changes its menu two times a year, but some things never leave it, such as its signature veal salad and soup served in bread bowls. Prices for the full menu, pastries and coffee are moderate, ranging from UAH 70 for coffee and pie to 160-250 UAH for a full dinner.

    As this is a family neighborhood institution, Royal Bakery holds many celebrations for children as well as master classes on various topics, such as “Create your Fir-tree,” “Make a Pie,” “Christmas Miracle,” and “The Best Croissant.” There are also competitions, for example for the best Easter drawing, for which the winner receives a basket of amazing paskas.

    Menu highlights:

  • Caramelized pear tart (UAH 45)
  • Profiteroles with custard (UAH 30)
  • Raspberry cheesecake (UAH 55)
  • Banana dessert (UAH 70)