Great Wine & Good Food


Khmeli–Suneli is a sunny piece of Georgia in the central Pechersk area of Kiev.
The restaurant was nominated by the New Time magazine as one of Ukraine’s 100 best eateries, so it’s definitely worth visiting due to the combination of professional service, truly Georgian hospitality, modern design and delicious food. Therefore Khmeli-Suneli is among the most popular restaurants of Kiev.
Its menu gives something special to every customer. The best dishes of Georgian cuisine are presented in the menu such as Chicken Tabaka with a crispy crust (UAH 225); fried aubergines rolls with walnuts and Georgian spices (UAH 153); Dakepili a la Hevsureti (a kind of khinkali prepared according to an old recipe with chopped veal, UAH 140), and a lot of other dishes.

The Head chef develops and changes the menu of Khmeli-Suneli seasonally.
It should be highlighted that Khmeli–Suneli is a real paradise for a sweet-tooth, with a variety of Georgian sweets (hazinaky, baklava, pelamushi, churchkhela), house-made jams, and other classic desserts.
Cocktails with Georgian twist contain chacha brandy, have the authentic names (Tbilisi, Batumi, Georgia peach), and perfectly match to the menu.
Every Friday and Saturday, live musicians draw guests into incendiary Georgian dancing in celebration of the weekend.

Traditionally on the occasion of important winter and spring holidays such as February 14 and March 8, the restaurant prepares the variety of surprises and special offers to make your rest here even more delightful. English speaking waiters provide an outstanding service for the customers from abroad.
Everyone is welcome to feel an authentic Georgian atmosphere here, and one day you may find yourself buying a ticket to Tbilisi!

Fermer Green

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Please note, orders can be placed only via the website (it is available in Russian); no orders are taken by phone. iOS users may find it even handier to use the FermerGreen app.

Don’t miss:

  • Rabbit cutlet with cheese (UAH 279 /270 g.);
  • Escargot Bourguignon (UAH 165 /150 g.);
  • Blue Stilton cheese with port and red cheddar (UAH 296 /250 g.);
  • Bukhanets craft beer (UAH 160/4 bottles of 0,33 l.).