Gift Ideas for Your Loved One – What & Where

On the threshold of Valentine’s and Women’s Days, we all tend to go crazy choosing gifts for our loved ones. The first thought for most men is, “Oh my God, she’s got everything!” No, she doesn’t. Get a grip and reflect on how you can give something unique and useful to show her your care and affection. Surprise her with something special from our list of nifty gift ideas, add a pinch of own creativity and, no doubt, you’ll be seeing your love’s eyes light up with delight and appreciation.

1Unique Flower Bouquet by

Soap Flowers

These days, when the whole world seems focused on finding creative solutions and innovative ideas, even flowers—thought of worldwide as a most traditional gift for a loved one—can appear in delightfully unpredictable new forms. Charming bouquets crafted out of fruits, vegetables, and candies create a timeless message of romance that she’ll not just admire but also find delightfully tasty. But here’s another interesting bouquet idea I was lucky to discover several weeks ago, whose charm and exquisiteness honestly took my breath away.

What would you say to presenting your sweetheart with a beautiful bouquet of handmade soap roses enriched with natural oils, which never fade and will delight the eye indefinitely? It’s easy to make her feel like a princess when you can decorate the bathroom with soap petals and dissolve a few of them into the bath. What a wonderful surprise! Each rose looks like the real thing, while the extremely delicate petals feel as smooth and soft as silk. One touch and you’ll fall in love. We found an abundance of colors, types and bouquet designs at the Soap Flowers Shop, located in the Obolon district in Kiev.

Surprise someone beautifully with Soap Flowers!

Dozens of Choices
Soap Flowers Shop offers a variety of soap-rose bouquets. Besides classic colours, such as white, red, pink or beige, soap roses come in unusual shades of purple, brown and even light green. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to make an unforgettable impression! The shop can help you create your own bouquet, turning your imagination into reality and letting you boast of having made the gift with your own hands, all with the help of professional florists.

Natural Soap Composition
One of the main advantages of such a bouquet is its incredible fragrance, thanks to the tender notes of aromatic oils infused into each petal. Each shade in the collection has its own, special scent, and she’ll love the great skincare properties of the spa-quality soap.

Creative coverage
They say not to judge a book by its cover, but the wide variety of packaging styles for your Soap Flowers bouquet is really impressive, ranging from small decorative baskets to large gift-wrapped bouquets containing more than 100 flowers!

2Accessories by

Helena SAI

Welcome to the Helena SAI jewelry boutique, where every woman can find an original handcrafted accessory that celebrates her individuality, while every man can choose a perfect gift for his Miss Right!

Accessories by Helena SAI inspire women to be themselves and explore new facets of their true character. Every item of jewelry has its own flair: lighthearted tassel earrings, graceful necklaces, romantic twisted bracelets, eye-catching woven earrings, and statement-piece chokers.

Every accessory is handcrafted in Helena SAI’s workshop in Kiev using natural materials such as precious and semi-precious stones, silk threads and mohair yarn, glass and hypoallergenic steel. Each piece is made with a commitment to the principles of perfect quality, original design and elegant form.

Helena SAI looks forward to introducing its accessories to you and offering to all its customers the pleasure of wearing beautiful natural stone jewelry.

3Women’s clothing by

Olga Gramm

An elegant brand of women’s contemporary clothing comes from young designer Olga Gramm, who knows exactly how to help a woman present her most beautiful self to the world — creating an image that highlights her unique features and makes her feel absolutely inspired yet comfortable.

Olga Gramm uses exclusive, high-quality fabrics, which the designer selects personally. Every item and every detail exudes style and elegance. Wearing clothes by Olga Gramm, she’ll be so gorgeous you may find yourself falling in love all over again. If she’s dithering as usual about what to wear on your date, she’ll be in for a luxurious surprise when you hand her a beautifully wrapped package with that perfect dress made by Olga Gramm.

Olga Gramm invites women to visit her showroom, see the bright new collection and pick up some beautiful clothing that will bring magic to any woman’s wardrobe.

Note, Olga Gramm clothing can be delivered throughout Ukraine and Europe. If you’re buying an evening dress, dry cleaning is Olga Gramm’s gift to you.

4Women’s clothing by


What can warm up your heart apart from love and care? How about a stylish coat made of natural fabrics, or an eco-friendly, down-filled jacket with an ultra-light heater inside, made by Frizman? This Ukrainian brand is particularly distinguished for its warm unlined coats made of double-faced wool, carefully crafted using an intricate Hand Made technique that Frizman was one of the first to use in Ukraine. In 2016, Frizman presented capsule collections of women’s clothing, including dresses, trousers and suits. In autumn-winter collections, brand uses exclusively natural-fiber fabrics: high-quality merino wool, alpaca fiber and cashmere, while summer collections are made of natural flax, silk and cotton. Check out discounts available in February on the 2017-2018 fall/winter collection. The new spring-summer collection will be released this March.

  • Kiev Frizman store, 10 Verkhnii Val Str. (1 floor of the BC)
  • +38 (044) 459 73 73
  • Kiev Frizman store, SM Metrograd, Central block (entrance next to Bessarabian market)
  • +38 (044) 394 83 05
  • Kiev Satin store, SM Ocean Plaza, 0 level
  • +38 095 550 45 63
  • Kiev Ukrainian Designer’s Corner, TSUM Kyiv Department Store, 3rd floor
  • 0 800 60 02 02

5Women’s clothing by


VEG COUTURE is a deluxe brand of outer clothing made of fabulous fake fur for women who want guilt-free luxury. VEG COUTURE respects the beauty of the female soul and body, and creates warm winter coats that reflect and enhance that beauty in everyday life. Furs and other materials for VEG COUTURE creations are purchased only from quality suppliers and pre-tested for durability to ensure you’ll enjoy your garment for many years. Holofiber technology makes each coat light and yet incredibly warm, even when it’s -30C outside.

The brand offers a wide range of styles, some of them in limited editions. VEG COUTURE knows that every woman aspires to a unique look, so many styles offer the opportunity to customize your purchase to meet your every desire with individual size, color, and options like a removable hood and sleeves.

In 2018, VEG Couture plans to release capsule collections of jewelry designed to work harmoniously with the brand’s clothing.

Stay warm, stylish, and luxurious with VEG COUTURE!