Feel Like a Star
Best VIP Restaurants in Kiev

There is no law against living a good life, is there? I’m sure that everyone dreams of spending at least one evening in a truly luxurious restaurant with live music, excellent service, and tasty dishes. It’s difficult to impress a date these days, but that special woman is sure to be delighted if you plan a spectacular dinner for her in a cool restaurant, surrounded by elegantly dressed and exquisitely mannered fellow diners. Maybe it’s time to stop postponing a visit to one of Kiev’s deluxe VIP restaurants. Here are several to choose from.
Enjoy and Feel Like a Star!


Khmeli–Suneli is a sunny piece of Georgia in the central Pechersk area of Kiev.
The restaurant was nominated by the New Time magazine as one of Ukraine’s 100 best eateries, so it’s definitely worth visiting due to the combination of professional service, truly Georgian hospitality, modern design and delicious food. Therefore Khmeli-Suneli is among the most popular restaurants of Kiev.
Its menu gives something special to every customer. The best dishes of Georgian cuisine are presented in the menu such as Chicken Tabaka with a crispy crust (UAH 225); fried aubergines rolls with walnuts and Georgian spices (UAH 153); Dakepili a la Hevsureti (a kind of khinkali prepared according to an old recipe with chopped veal, UAH 140), and a lot of other dishes. The Head chef develops and changes the menu of Khmeli-Suneli seasonally.
It should be highlighted that Khmeli–Suneli is a real paradise for a sweet-tooth, with a variety of Georgian sweets (hazinaky, baklava, pelamushi, churchkhela), house-made jams, and other classic desserts.
Cocktails with Georgian twist contain chacha brandy, have the authentic names (Tbilisi, Batumi, Georgia peach), and perfectly match to the menu.
Every Friday and Saturday, live musicians draw guests into incendiary Georgian dancing in celebration of the weekend.
Every year on the occasion of the national birthday Khmeli–Suneli arranges a real Georgian feast. English speaking waiters provide an outstanding service for the customers from abroad.
Everyone is welcome to feel an authentic Georgian atmosphere here, and one day you may find yourself buying a ticket to Tbilisi!


Located 52 meters up, on the 15th floor of CITYHOTEL in the historic part of Kiev, Matisse restaurant will amaze you with its spectacular view of central Kiev, professional English-speaking staff, and good choice of dishes drawn from European cuisine. As the highest panoramic-view restaurant in Kiev, Matisse is a great place to make a memorable marriage proposal, celebrate special moments, or just have a business meeting far from the city bustle. There are two rooms: one in a minimalist design in shades of beige, with panoramic windows; the other a cozy VIP room. A window into the kitchen lets you watch Matisse’s culinary professionals create their masterpieces. We highly recommend the Toscana fish soup (UAH 567), Texas steak (UAH 397 for 100 gm). You will also be pleased by a selection of delicious desserts, including house-made sorbets and panna cotta with orange slices.

Matisse also offers a great collection of vintage champagnes, flavorful wines and other alcoholic beverages available from the wine cellar. Live music every Thursday creates even more charming atmosphere.


CHI is an oasis of relaxation and a grand project of the Carte Blanche network, both a luxurious restaurant and a popular nightclub/party place in a picturesque part of the city, in Parkova Road. The restaurant’s name is drawn from the Chinese concept of the life force, the spiritual energy of breathing. And it’s proven that CHI provides its guests with unreal energy. Everything here is in the best traditions of Southeastern Asia, India and China, adapted to European tastes. You will find a master copy of the Terracotta Army securing the entrance. The menu offers both Indian and Chinese dishes (Kadai paneer UAH 275, Indian bread from UAH 45, Peking duck UAH 1600, spring rolls from UAH 225, etc.), prepared by gifted chefs (Jason Yang is responsible for Chinese cuisine, Girdhari Vishwakarma for Indian cuisine). Each season, he also creates special dishes that are offered on the rush menu. CHI’s bar commands attention, too, as it is headed by Karolis Urbonavicius, a mixologist from London and most of the cocktail ingredients are made in-house. CHI has its own laboratory where it tests out future masterpieces. Various styles of music are offered. A top acoustic system from D&B Audiotechnik and the participation of famous DJs, as well as an endless choice of cocktails, make events here unforgettable. As CHI is extremely popular, reservations are highly recommended, as is observing the dress code and meeting with the bouncer’s approval (what’s known as “face control”). Delicious cuisine, English-speaking staff, and an elegant atmosphere will greatly contribute to your memories.


Eshak is one of the most popular restaurants in Kiev; in fact, it’s almost impossible to find a free table without prior reservations. The jokey name (which means “donkey” in Uzbek!) crowns a completely new concept for Kiev — a restaurant-tea house with a colorful interior (decorated with traditional Oriental ornaments and patterns), affordable prices, and a cozy, homelike feel. Eshak was a coveted destination right from opening night, when some invited guests tore the invitation in pieces, hoping to share it among four people! It seemed like the whole capital city wanted in. Eshak is beloved because of its popular concept, great location, unusual interior design, a unique summer terrace adapted for use year-round, ample parking, the best DJs and belly dancers—and a menu that ranges from borshch and chebureks to veal medallions with foie gras. Eshak offers a great opportunity to get to know European, Ukrainian, Oriental cuisine which is very diverse and tasty. There are both classic dishes as interpreted by the chef (Caesar salad UAH 210, veal Carpaccio with truffle oil UAH 290, filet mignon UAH 480), and masterpieces of Oriental cuisine (holiday pilaf UAH 240, chebureks with lamb UAH 115) etc. Discover the colorful world of food from the Eastern Bazaar: fresh and dried figs, dried apricots, raisins, a variety of seasonal fruits, hazelnuts, cashews, and almonds—all of these items can be purchased for dessert or to take home. The menu is updated at least four times a year. In each traditional dish, something special is usually added. As there are many foreigners among the regular guests, all the waiters speak English, and a menu is offered in English. Wednesdays through Saturdays, charming dancers entertain guests with belly dancing, and big parties are organized for Halloween, Old New Year, Valentine’s Day, March 8, and Navruz. Forget about your daily stresses while relaxing in a soft armchair and enjoying a branded hookah while listening to cool sets from fashionable DJs.


JonJoli is a Georgian restaurant, where you will enjoy delicious meal in the amazing Caucasian atmosphere. It is easy to find JonJoli as it is located in a historical part of Kiev. The building is well known as a confectionery where the chef of Catherine II was cooking for her many years ago.
The restaurant covers two floors with a separate private dining room on the second floor. The interior of the restaurant is decorated according to the Georgian style, with ornamented furniture, lemon and mandarin trees, wooden tables, and two fireplaces on the second floor.
A unique ceiling is beautified with clay amphoras and large Georgian style pendants.
Their head chef presents guests a great variety of traditional recipes with slight author twist. If you are a fan of Georgian cuisine, we suggest you trying Gebjalia with mint sauce (UAH 110), Suluguni fried in almond flakes (UAH 135), Grilled dolma (UAH 125), or Assorted lobio (UAH 220).
A large variety of khachapuri, khinkali, traditional soups and delicious desserts are also presented in the menu. You would be in love with the soft honey baklava with nuts.
For the one who prefers European food, – a variety of fish dishes, salads, and classic desserts are available in the menu. The Georgian Head chef updates the menu seasonally.
It is hard to imagine Georgia without wine, therefore a large variety of Georgian wines from all over the world are available in the wine list here. Homemade Georgian drinks and spirits are extremely delicious and worth trying, of course.


Welcome to Koya, a pan-Asian restaurant in a luxurious corner of Kiev, – Arena city! The restaurant has two areas covering two floors with a seating capacity up to 250 people.
Each area is designed in a unique way.
The second floor has neon blue illumination, panoramic overview to Arena yard, and a huge open kitchen where the main kitchen shows take place. Pan-Asian menu with the emphasis on seafood, designed for the restaurant by legendary restaurateur Dmitriy Zotov and chef of “Murakami London” Ray Sabinosa. Taste the original dim sum Chong Fang with shrimps (UAH 225); salad with eel, quinoa and Asian sauce (UAH 255); grilled squid with warm wafu sauce and fresh vegetable salsa (UAH 249); roll with crab meat, shrimp and salmon caviar (UAH 415) and others.
The first floor of the restaurant is specialized in the outstanding quality of unique cocktails. It is a perfect place to enjoy it in a calm and sophisticated atmosphere.
Koya’s Asian cocktail bar offers exotic flavours from many Asian countries. Among the cocktail ingredients on hand are tamarind paste from the tropical forests of Central Africa, lapsang souchong and yellow chrysanthemums from the mountain slopes of China, eucalyptus, sesame, feijoa, and many other spices, herbs, and tropical fruits. The names may sound strange, but give them a try! Koya is a great place to hang out with your friends. Chief bartender Evgeniy Tolmachev has developed show-party drinks for companies and stylish, Instagram-worthy tiki-cocktails.
Wednesdays are karaoke nights, and on Friday and Saturday evenings you can relax with live vocals by top performers and sets from the best DJs of Kiev.