Greenadine floral and décor agency

When most people dream about their wedding décor, they envision endless cascades of flowers, romantic lighting, pure colors and attention to every detail. When it comes to designing your wedding, you’ll have more decisions to make than just the flowers and candles. Choosing Greenadine for these elements ensures you’ll enjoy fantastic services from the agency’s professional designer/florists, who are bursting with fresh ideas and originality. They’ll use wonderful flowers from all over the world in a multilateral, coordinated approach, to create your own version of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for your special day! Why not focus on things like choosing your wedding dress or suit, for example, rather than fussing about the decor? With Greenadine, you can order a full package of wedding decorations including wedding flowers, outdoor ceremony items, and a “photo zone.”

Everything will be perfect if you start planning the style of your day at least three to four months before the celebration. Greenadine staff will always take into account your desires and budget. Wedding package prices start from $500, up to $5000-$7000. English-speaking staff ensure that you will be understood and welcomed cordially.

Greenadine kindly shared some of their floral secrets to make your wedding picture perfect:

  • A wedding bouquet should complement your dress, not compete with it.
  • Pay special attention to how the bouquet handle is decorated, and hold the bouquet correctly.
  • One more way to impress your guests is with fragrant flowers.
  • Whoever you pick as your florist, demand only the freshest of flowers for your bouquet.
  • From chic boutonnieres to gorgeous centerpieces, flowers bring romance, drama, color, and style to any celebration and make a lasting impression for years. Make it happen with the professional team at Greenadine!

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