Chymyrys Wedding Agency

Creating perfect memories for life!

No two love stories are exactly alike, so no two weddings should be alike, either. The Chymyrys Wedding Agency is in the business of creating not just beautiful but also unique celebrations for each couple, including weddings that are fashionable and ahead of the trends. Chymyrys can organize a chic ceremony, an exquisite reception, and a luxurious dinner and entertainment, for a wedding that might inspire jealousy even in Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Having planned many weddings for international couples, Chymyrys Wedding Agency knows the typical preferences of foreign guests and can offer a variety of creative ideas sure to impress.

Because no two weddings are alike, the lead time for wedding planning varies. On average, it takes three to four months to arrange the wedding essentials without stress, leaving you happy and satisfied with plans for your one-of-a-kind celebration.

Chymyrys Wedding Agency ensures that your wedding will have an exclusive, opulent feel, and will be an exciting, unforgettable start to your family life.
Beautiful, exquisite and elegant weddings for demanding clients!

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