Exclusive Places & Agencies to Get Married in Kyiv

The season of lightness, weightlessness, and beauty has come. Spring has always been a perfect time for renewal, fresh starts, and daring decisions, such as deciding to begin a new family. No wonder spring is such a popular time of the year for weddings, offering beautiful flowers, colors, and the first signs of warm weather. We know first-hand that planning a wedding takes a lot of work and energy, from sending invitations, to booking the venue, finding a caterer, etc. Our Kiev Check-In team wants to give you a helping hand and ease the agony of choosing the ideal location for YOUR big day to make it truly unforgettable. Congratulations on your wedding plans, and wishes of eternal love “until death do you part.”

The meaning behind the “ring finger”

The term ring finger goes back to ancient times, when it was thought that a vein ran directly from the fourth finger (known as the ring finger) on the left hand to the heart. Eventually, they called that vein the “vena amoris,” or vein of love. Although modern science demystifies this belief, bride and groom still proudly place the ring on this special finger of their beloved one to declare their eternal love for each other. Depending on the religion, wedding rings are worn on the left or right hand. In Ukraine, where the dominant religion is Orthodox Christianity, people wear rings on the fourth finger of the right hand.

Did You Know?

Why do Ukrainians shout «Гірко!» (Bitter!) at weddings?

This is probably one of the most interesting Ukrainian wedding traditions: guests shout “Bitter!” to prompt the newlyweds to kiss. According to one version, it refers to the bitter taste of vodka, with which you are expected to drink to the health of the young couple. In turn, after crying “Bitter!” the newlyweds should sweeten this bitterness with their kiss.

Pumpkin and its practical use in matchmaking

In Ukrainian wedding traditions, the pumpkin is widely associated with a woman’s refusal of a man and often is mentioned in jokes. If, during a matchmaking process, the girl didn’t like the man, she “gave pumpkin” to the matchmaker, signifying her refusal to marry him. Probably because of the numerous vitamins and health benefits of pumpkin, it was believed it would help the man recover from his disappointment. So such an elegant refusal could be thought of as wise and considerate.

Perfect Place

The creators of Perfect Place weren’t exaggerating when they chose that name. Perfect Place is an alluring park area on the shore of Kiev’s Venetian island, also known as Hydropark, with an amazing view of the right bank and its Kyiv Hills, Kiev Pechersk Lavra, and the Motherland Monument. It’s a perfect choice for a wedding ceremony, offering a base for realizing all your dreams and hopes for your truly memorable day. A large tent for hosting up to 300 guests and basic equipment is already at your disposal, but you’re free to imagine all the additional elements you want for a chic ceremony.

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Chymyrys Wedding Agency

Creating perfect memories for life!

No two love stories are exactly alike, so no two weddings should be alike, either. The Chymyrys Wedding Agency is in the business of creating not just beautiful but also unique celebrations for each couple, including weddings that are fashionable and ahead of the trends. Chymyrys can organize a chic ceremony, an exquisite reception, and a luxurious dinner and entertainment, for a wedding that might inspire jealousy even in Kate Middleton and Prince William.

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Vozdvyzhensky BOUTIQUE HOTEL

Vozdvyzhensky Boutique Hotel is one of the most atmospheric and iconic places in Kiev for newly wedded couples.

The pride of the hotel, besides its guests of course, is a magnificent terrace garden that dates back to the 18th century and epitomizes the romance and glamour of bygone days. The hotel’s banquet manager is ready to help you create an individual menu, design the wedding decor of the hall, and resolve any issues that arise in order to make your day as magical as possible.

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Wedding studio Trés Bien

Trés Bien is a full-service wedding agency, your faithful guide through all the stages of preparing for your Special Day. The studio’s value is not only about creating just a good wedding.
Professionals at Tres Bien will help to harmonize your personal dreams with family traditions and centuries-old rituals to celebrate a unique event of a lifetime. This wedding studio can assist you with whatever you’re hoping to arrange, from a big fancy wedding to a wedding just for two, including a hen or stag party, a honeymoon trip or just a consultation.

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Greenadine floral and décor agency

When most people dream about their wedding décor, they envision endless cascades of flowers, romantic lighting, pure colors and attention to every detail. When it comes to designing your wedding, you’ll have more decisions to make than just the flowers and candles. Choosing Greenadine for these elements ensures you’ll enjoy fantastic services from the agency’s professional designer/florists, who are bursting with fresh ideas and originality. They’ll use wonderful flowers from all over the world in a multilateral, coordinated approach, to create your own version of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for your special day!

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