Exclusive Restaurants & Cafes in Kyiv

Whisky Corner

“These guys have pretty much every whisky you could ever want!”
Back in 2012, the Scottish house-restaurant Whisky Corner for the first time welcomed visitors and promptly won popular acclaim for its huge range of whisky—some 350 types. Since then this place has become the headquarters of the All Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club, and today you’ll find over 780 types of whisky from all over the world, beautifully presented.

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Grill do Brasil

“At the end, your brain will still want to eat, but your body will ask for mercy!”
Meat, salt, fire and lots of Brazilian passion are mixed together at Grill do Brasil restaurant. Just imagine, 18 types of Ukrainian meat of superb quality are served here in unique Rodizio style!
You will be fascinated to observe how perfectly Gauchos are cutting off the juicy and tender pieces of meat on your plate right in front of your eyes.

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