Beat a path to the bath!

In a beloved 1976 New Year’s romantic comedy, The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath, one of the characters proclaims: “You know, every year on December 31, we go to the bathhouse with friends. This is our tradition …” It is indeed a great tradition in Ukraine, a significant aspect of Slavic culture. So why not follow the example of the characters in the film and pay a visit to one of the Kiev area’s delightfully steamy bathhouses, a perfect way to escape winter’s deep freeze. Enjoy your bath, and let the miracles happen!

Tsarskaia Bania

Tsarskaia Bania is a large, three-story complex near Kiev about 850 square meters in size. Located in an ecologically pristine area among pine forests, it includes spacious, landscaped grounds dotted with picturesque buildings and cozy gazebos. There is an Old Slavonic steam room, a font (cold plunge pool), cedar barrel sauna, phyto-room (for relaxing herbal aromatherapy), a spa-salon, a massage parlor and many other options to help restore soul and body, as well as space for celebrations and business meetings. Tsarskaia Bania offers a wide range of services, including various steam-bath options in Slavic, Siberian, and Old Russian style, developed by qualified experts. All procedures are performed by certified practitioners who studied at the International Academy of Bath Art. While men are taking a steam bath with their friends, women can discover a wonderful variety of spa procedures: chocolate or milk-honey wraps, cold steam, peels, fruit scrubs, etc. Men may join them later, as all of these procedures are available for them, too. Also available to patrons are more than 10 types of massage, an open pool, gazebos in the open air, and a restaurant serving traditional Slavic cuisine, plus a grill-bar where you can chill out afterwards.

Alekseevskie Bani

The sauna complex known as Alekseevskie Bani is a “secret” but homey place hidden from curious eyes. Guests are warmly welcomed by the owner, Alexеi, and his wife, Irina, both of whom speak English fluently. They are certified spa masters who specialize in preserving the ancient healing traditions of the Slavic people. Alexei built and supplied his own bathhouse using fragrant varieties of wood, ancient clay bricks, stones, and herbs prepared according to the recipes of our Slavic ancestors. The interior is very warm and cozy, imbued with the comforting scents of a fairytale forest. For ancient Slavs, the bathhouse was a sacred place with many special sauna rituals. Alexeeevskie Bani is a successful modern re-creation of these ancestral traditions, so it’s a good ideato discuss in advance what you would like to have done on your visit. If you’d simply like to relax, your visit might include sitting in a steam room, aromatherapy, and a tea ceremony in which tea is drawn from a real samovar on pine cones (from UAH 660 per/hour for two people). Also you may try a more rigorous traditional sauna that includes a stimulating dive in an ice cut, followed by a hot soak in a birchwood bath (from UAH 730 per/hour for two people). A full-relaxation detox program—perfect after all that over-indulging during party season—consists of purifying the body with pleasantly soft steam procedures, warming salt wraps, and honey scrubs (from UAH 900 per/hour for two people). Individual packages are available; just tell the owner or bathhouse attendants what you’d like. Maximum capacity in the bathhouse is just 10 people, so expect personal attention here. The owner of Alexeevskie Bani doesn’t refer to his visitors as clients; everyone who visits this place becomes a friend and returns here again and again.

Slavianskaia Bania (Slavic Bath)

Slavianskaia Bania is a truly historic place, situated in Vyshgorod (17 km from Kiev), where absolutely all the traditions of the bath are maintained. This is the place to go for total relaxation and relief of mental stress. Here, you’ll forget the bustle of everyday life and enter a fabulous state of mind that will leave you feeling inspired and even a little surprised. Guests are welcome in spite of age or physical condition, as the staff applies an individual approach to each client. Slavianskia Bania offers a unique mix of practices drawn from the Turkish hammam, the Roman bath, and the Slavic approach, employing the strong hands of bathhouse attendants and fragrant bath brooms. Among the services, you can enjoy a deep soak (UAH 1500 for three hours); order a mixture of herbs and milk for an additional price (UAH 2500 for three hours); take a classic steam bath with two specialists (UAH 1050 per person/three hours); or a combination of bath services plus cleansing with herbal infusions (UAH 1400 per person/two hours) etc. All bath products used are included in these prices. To prolong that pampered feeling afterwards, enjoy a complimentary hot cup of herbal tea, with bagels and honey. Slavianskaia Bania also offers visitors the opportunity to stay overnight in one of four guest rooms located on the second floor of the house, which offers a beautiful view of the picturesque surroundings, including hills, ponds, and fruit trees. The rooms, designed in the rustic style of a “wooden hut,” are decorated in warm colors that radiate a homey and comfortable feeling. You’ll be wearing a happy face after being scrubbed with a fragrant birch broom, sipping herbal tea and enjoying the rural scenery.

  • 16 А Vatutina Str., Vyshgorod (10 minutes from Kiltseva Str. or Bogatyrska Str. in Kiev)
  • 8 a.m. – 12 a.m.
  • +38 067 400 80 60