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As soon as I heard the news of the new direct flights from Ukraine to Slovenia, which began in October 2017, I decided to hit the road to find out what this country has to offer. Let me take you to the brightest corners and share 5 fascinating reasons to visit Slovenia that I discovered during my four-day trip. Who knows? Maybe your next adventure will begin in Slovenia too!Nadiia Yakovenko, Editor-in-Chief of Kiev Check-in

Slovenia is one of the most forested countries in the European Union, famous for mountain ski resorts and competitions. It also boasts romantic islands, castles, caves, waterfalls, extensive wine-growing areas and delicious food, healing thermal waters and spas. Slovenia is a jewel in Central Europe, eagerly waiting for you to feel, taste, and love it—and come back over and over again!


Diversified scenery

Slovenia is a small country just one-thirtieth the size of Ukraine, but it encompasses a beautifully varied environment that ranges from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. Within its 20,273 square kilometers, there are a great many sights and diverse attractions for visitors to explore. While the most typical feature of the Slovenian landscape is its mix of charming mountains and lush forests (covering 58% of the territory) uniquely inhabited by more than 500 brown bears, it is also a fairytale land of castles shrouded in romantic legends and charming old superstitions that will enrich your visit. Add to the mix a staggering number of interesting places to visit: religious monuments, mysterious caves, sandy beaches along the Slovenian coastline, and almost 27,000 kilometers of rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. Imagine all that in just one small country—and this is only the beginning of Slovenia’s story!
Places that should be on your bucket list: Lake Bled, Ljubljana Old Town, Postojna Caves and the UNESCO-listed Skocjan Caves, Predjama Castle, Lake Bohinj, Triglav National Park.

Piran – a town in southwestern Slovenia on the Gulf of Piran on the Adriatic Sea.
Lake Bled – Slovenia’s most popular tourist attraction. According to the local custom, in order to be wed at the Bled Island Church, the groom must prove his love by carrying his bride up all 99 of its steps!
Otok Cave – Postojna Cave


Fantastic Ski Slopes

Slovenia’s mountain ranges are a part of the Alps and the Dinarides. Well-equipped ski slopes suitable for beginners, children and experienced skiers, one of the world’s largest ski jumps, and well-developed infrastructure make this country very attractive for winter sports lovers and a venue for international skiing competitions such as the Ski Jumping World Cup in Planica and the women’s Alpine skiing competition in Maribor.

Kranjska Gora, an alpine resort in northwestern Slovenia, is one of the most beloved ski-tourism destinations in the country. A daily adult ski pass will cost you 32,5 Euro here; you can save money by ordering, for example, a five-day ski pass for 140 Euro.


Spas and Thermal Resorts

With water quality considered to be among the best in Europe, Slovenia offers guests the possibility of a relaxing vacation or a successful recovery at numerous spas and thermal resorts. Bursting from a depth of 1000 meters, crystal mineral water springs are present in many parts of the country. If you’re planning a spa visit, pay special attention to Olimje thermal spa; one of the most prestigious wellness centers, Orhidelia; and Rogaška Slatina resort, with Donat Mg, natural mineral water extremely rich in magnesium.

Wellness Orhidelia
Spa Armonia – Terme Olimia


It’s finger-licking good

My favourite pumpkin soup along with pumpkin seeds. Heaven!

The gastronomic world of Slovenian dishes and wines deserves special attention. And no wonder! With a population of only 2.06 million, Slovenia is a small market, and all producers try their best to satisfy customers by offering only quality products for sale. You may be pleasantly surprised to see numerous dishes made of pumpkin and other healthy seasonal ingredients. Kranjska klobasa (Kranjska sausage) is a typical Slovenian meat product that also makes a great souvenir gift to bring back to friends and relatives. Delicious homemade cheese, complemented by local honey and wine, is a finishing touch on this yummy slice of the Slovenian wonderland.


People & Language

Ljubljana is Slovenia’s capital and largest city.

It’s always the people who make any travel experience unique and memorable, leaving that warm afterglow in your heart after you go home. Both Ukraine and Slovenia are Slavic countries with strong multifaceted friendship ties between our nations. I’ll always remember Slovenia for the open, frugal, helpful, and friendly people, with a good sense of humour, whom I met along the way. Slovenians have a strong sense of “home,” are eager to develop and promote their country and are looking forward to seeing many more tourists visiting their beloved homeland.

I should add that the Ukrainian and Slovenian languages are quite similar. So, if your English is not proficient, you can always try your luck in Ukrainian and the main point of what you’re saying will be understood. Before the trip, I would recommend learning several essential Slovenian phrases that may help you feel a bit more like a local and even meet new friends. Here are the Top 3 that were the most useful for me:
Dober dan – Good afternoon
Hvala! – Thank you!
Prosim – Please

What’s left to say? Put on your most comfortable pair of shoes and tread your own path to this green, active, healthy, and lesser-known European destination called Slovenia!

Nadiia Yakovenko,
our Editor-in-Chief, in the four-day trip, Slovenia