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Cool Extreme Outdoor Activities this Summer

There are two kinds of adventurers:
those who truly hope to find adventure
and those who secretly hope they won’t.
William Trogdon

Have you already enjoyed sightseeing in Kiev? Like adrenaline and trying new things? This article is especially for adrenaline junkies. Kiev definitely has a lot to offer you! Try for yourself Bungee jumping, ride a Wakeboard, fly in an Aerodynamic wind tunnel, race go Karts, glide across the water’s surface in kayaks or even skydive to experience a bird’s eye panorama of Kiev.
And of course, please be careful and know your limits!

X-Park Sports and Entertainment Complex

[dropcap]X[/dropcap]-Park is a great place for numerous sports activities, entertainment, family vacation, and relaxation located on the green island between Dnipro and Desenka Rivers in a popular recreational zone called Druzhby Narodiv Park.

There are more than 160 types of sports here. Among various choices, you can try Wakeboarding (from UAH 225/half an hour), Quadrunner driving (from UAH 400/30 min.), play on well-equipped Football field (from UAH 600/hour), enjoy Paintball game (UAH 300/300 balls), SUP (from 110/hour), Catamaran ride (2 seats, from UAH 80/hour), Kayaking (UAH 120/hour), Rope park (UAH 100 to complete the entire route), Trampolines (UAH 300/hour), Bicycles (UAH 50/hour), Segways (UAH 120/10 min.). There are approximately 5 cafes and restaurants at X-Park as well as several swimming pools and beaches. In summer, a lot of festivals and competitions are organized in the complex so it is a great idea to check their website before your visit.

Finally, many employees here know English so feel free to ask for assistance.

Aerodynamic Complex

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust lie on the airflow and suddenly, you can fly!
The Wind tunnel at is a unique complex where you can try out feeling free flying in a vertical wind tunnel accompanied by an experienced instructor all along the flight. It can reach a speed of an airflow up to 250 km/h so you will have an opportunity to fly not only in a prone position but also do a variety of tricks. The wind tunnel of serves as a real simulator of a free fall for beginners as well as a complete sports trainer for skydivers.
The recommended package price is UAH 800 (2 sessions). English is widespread among instructors so you can expect plenty of help if you need it.

“Bez Mezh” Rope jumping project

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he name of the project, “Bez Mezh,” “Without limits” in Ukrainian, says it all. For more than 7 years they’ve promoted the development of extreme sports and active recreation such as Rope Jumping, Mountaineering, Kayaking, and Slacklining. There is a strong idea behind the project: after leaping into the unknown, people change, become decisive, braver, and more open to everything life has to offer. Rope jumping is a relatively inexpensive sport that allows one to feel daring with a rush of adrenaline and does not require special training in case of jumping from relatively not-too-high objects. The main location for jumping is the Pedestrian bridge where you can find the team in yellow t-shirts. Periodically, they organize jumps from the tower located in Vynohradar neighborhood of Kiev, Buky Canyon in the Cherkasy Oblast, and from residential buildings. Every Tuesday you can take slacklining lessons in Igor Sikorsky KPI Park and every Wednesday snatch the opportunity to join Rock climbing classes in TSEH bouldering gym conducted by experienced instructors of Bez Mezh team. You will always find at least one instructor who knows English there. The price for one jump is UAH 200.

SmartKart Karting Center

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]martKart is one of the longest (720 m.) and the most extreme (21 turns) go-kart tracks in Kiev. The center offers karts for children and adults that have various capacities: 5 hp, 9 hp, 13 hp as well as the new truly powerful sodi kart RX7 with a 13 hp capacity and top speed 80 km/h available only for professional racing drivers.

SmartKart is also famous for the special sport tires on karts’ wheels which have incredible grip and allow high speeds in the turns. Special attention is likewise paid to the client’s safety, you will get a full outfit for karting including neck protection. Children always drive separately from adults. You are welcome to join numerous numerous events, amateur tournaments, corporate parties regularly organized here that altogether creates the unforgettable fun go kart racing experience!

The price for karting varies from UAH 179 to UAH 219/10 minutes depending on the day and time of racing. If you are a great go kart fan, you may also be interested in obtaining one of 6 multipacks for 10, 15, or 20 passes (the prices start from UAH 1399 for 10 passes and increases accordingly). Also, feel free to ask about their special offers. For example, there are sales for family karting sessions.The majority of employees speak English.


[dropcap]C[/dropcap]limb trees, overcome obstacles in rope adventure parks, enjoy rock climbing, or slide on the surface of the water in Italian-made Rainbow kayaks from the SkyPark company! SkyPark team strives their best to provide you with a unique, active, and fun pastime. They have 4 adventure parks in Kiev and one in Brovary city as well as kayak school and the network of 3 rental points, where you can rent a kayak or Stand up paddle board. To help you overcome obstacles, rope parks’ visitors are provided with a special safety equipment and a helmet. Also, they provide detailed instructions.

The wide and conveniently located network of kayak rental points will allow you to ride for several hours and enjoy the extremely beautiful views of Dnipro River and its Left and Right Banks. The company offers several options of routes near rental places so you can check them online in advance and choose the one which is the most suitable for you. Rental price depends on the type (solo or tandem (2 seats)), class (Standard or Comfort) of kayak and the day of week and varies from UAH 65 – UAH 110/hour for solo kayak or from UAH 90 – UAH 150 for tandem kayak.
You can also participate in SkyPark Water Races, quests, classes, and campaigns that are organized by SkyPark. Instructors speak basic English.

  • Rope adventure parks:
  • 1) Expocenter of Ukraine (1 Akademika Hlushkova Ave.)
  • 2) Peremogy (Victory) Park (Darnytsia metro station)
  • 3) Pushkin Park
  • 4) Vinogradar buffer Park, the junction of Heorhiya Honhadze Ave. and Kosenka Str.
  • 5) Brovary, Peremogy (Victory) Park
  • Kayak rental:
  • 1) 2 Pryrichna Str.
  • 2) 37 Pryrichna Str.
  • 3) 7 Mykilsko-Slobidska Str.
  • Kayak school:
  • 5 Pryrichna Str. (Mon, Wed, Fri from 7 a.m. till 9 a.m.)
  • +38 044 3616050; +38 096 3616050


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he rush of the wind in your hair, several seconds of free falling, sky beauty, and unforgettable emotions. Skydiving season lasts from April through October and highly depends on the weather. Generally, jumps are organized on weekends and preparation (instruction, drill training, studying safety rules, etc.) starts early in the morning (9 – 9:30 a.m.) and lasts for 2-3 hours while jumps themselves are made closer to lunchtime.

There are 3 main organizations in and around Kiev that offer skydiving:

  • DZ Chayka is probably the most famous DZ in Kiev province. The price for a tandem jump here is UAH 3250 if your weight is less than 100 kg.

    • Petropavlovska Borshegovka Village, 5 Antonova Str.
    • +38 068 1041010
  • PARA-SKUF Association (DZ Borodianka). The price of a tandem jump runs UAH 3500 if your weight is less than 100 kg.
  • ASK Progress in Chernihivska Oblast. The price for a tandem jump costs UAH 3500 if your weight is more than 95 kg and less than 100 kg. It is highly variable depending on your weight.