8 Cups of Coffee in Kiev

And How a Ukrainian Introduced the Coffee Tradition to Europe

Many years ago a Ukrainian merchant named Yuri Kulchytsky, part of the Zaporizhzhya Sich army, was captured by Turks. Thanks to his command of the Turkish and Hungarian languages, he was bought out of slavery by Serbian merchants. Later, at the end of the 17th century, Kulchytsky used his linguistic skills to accomplish a courageous espionage operation to help break the Turkish siege of Vienna.

The grateful Austrian citizens allowed Yuri Kulchytsky to choose his reward. As he loved the Turkish tradition of coffee, he chose 300 sacks of it from the remains of the Turkish camp and a building in Vienna’s center. Later, Kulchytsky opened a coffee shop there called “Under the Blue Bottle” and walked Vienna’s streets offering this unknown drink to locals. At first, locals didn’t like the coffee’s bitter taste, so Yuri added sugar and then honey and milk. The new “Viennese Coffee” became a success and “Under the Blue Bottle” became one of the capital’s most visited places. From there, coffee spread across Central Europe.

Today coffee is one of the favorite drinks of most Europeans. In Kiev, it is a traditional morning drink, a good accompaniment to a meeting with friends or business partners, or just a way to relax during a busy working day. The city is packed with numerous lovely cafes, offering all types of coffee and various sweets and cakes.

Below we offer you some interesting cafes to try during your stay in Kiev.

1. Milk Bar

Address: 16 Shota Rustavelli Street      Nearest Metro Station: Lva Tolstogo

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you like milk as much as coffee, you should definitely visit this place. People come here to taste its unique desserts (the most popular is called “Tres Leches”) and its specialty Milk Bar Coffee (a mix of milk, coffee, rose syrup and red velvet crumb).

It’s a perfect place to meet with friends and enjoy the city’s positive and dynamic atmosphere. The waiters are friendly and always ready to help in choosing the best dessert for you! Note that this place is extremely popular, so table reservations are not allowed. We recommend visiting this place outside of “rush hours” so that you can find a free table. The cost of a Milk Bar Coffee and the 3DMilk dessert will be around $5.

2. Lviv Handmade Chocolate Cafe

Address: 2B Andriyivskiy Descent     Nearest Metro Station: Kontraktova Ploshcha

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nce inside, you will feel you are in Lviv while being in the heart of Kiev! This lovely cafe is adored by locals and city guests for its cozy atmosphere and spirit of peace and love. You can find here all the variety of coffee you could imagine. Don’t miss the opportunity to try their Lviv handmade chocolate or the traditional dessert called Lviv syrnyk with different fruit tastes, which are real paradise for a sweet tooth.

You can also find sweet presents here, from homemade chocolate or coffee to various chocolate art creatures. If you manage to give correct answers about their chocolate, the cafe’s staff will be pleased to give you their discount card. The cost of an espresso and a Lviv syrnyk will be around $3.

3. Honey Cafe

Address: 20, Yaroslaviv Val street     Nearest Metro Station: Golden Gates

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] newly opened but already popular cafe, located close to famous Golden Gates. Apart from good coffee selection, you should definitely try their special dessert with the same name that consists of honey cream, buckthorn jam and almond biscuit. Can you imagine how tasty it is?

When you open the door, you feel immediately at home. A colorful interior, comfortable sofas and helpful staff make you spend as much time there as possible. Music is mostly lounge style and not very loud. This can be a perfect place to spend time with friends, family or colleagues in easy atmosphere. The cost of a latte and a Honey dessert is around $4.

4. Coffee Jazz Bar

Address: 15, Nyzhniy Val street     Nearest Metro Station: Kontraktova Ploshcha

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n atmospheric place with relaxing music, inspiring books (available in English) and motivational phrases hung above the bar table, which encourage you to be strong and creative.

“Offline is the new luxury” – one picture here says, offering you to have a good rest without Internet. However, if you do need Internet, feel free to ask for a wifi password.
Some people come here to discuss new ideas or just for warm talks with friends; others come to relax or get some inspiration. The staff is friendly and completely devoted to the coffee business. They know everything about coffee and serve one of the best cappuccinos in the city.

Coffee here can be prepared in three different ways: aeropress, pour-over and espresso. And try their special eclairs. Coffee Jazz Bar also offers a good selection of milk cocktails, smoothies and hand-made desserts to try. Special menus for children or vegetarians will make anyone here satisfied! The cost of a cappuccino and an eclair will be around $2.50.

5. Kaffa Cafe

Address: 3, T. Shevchenko lane     Nearest Metro Station: Maidan Nezalezhnosti

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]robably one of the oldest coffee places in Kiev, which has been serving guests in Kiev for 18 years already. Located just 250 meters from Independence Square (Maidan), it is still not easy to find, as it is located in a small street going up from Maidan. The cafe’s staff wears unusual cloth in African style, which fits the wild (but cozy) overall design and is accompanied by Safari and African movies. Faint light together with a coffee scent create a romantic atmosphere to enjoy.

What about the coffee? 35 kinds of coffee beans from all over the world! And they use only one way of producing coffee – they roast coffee beans by themselves and then prepare it with the geyser method. And you must taste their choco muffins. The place is well-suited for a romantic date or meeting with close friends. The cost of an americano and a choco muffin is about $3.

6. Chashka (from the Ukrainian word “cup”)

Address: 1/3, Velyka Vasylkivska street     Nearest Metro Station: Lva Tolstogo

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou can easily find this place as it’s where Khreshchatyk ends and Velyka Vasylkivska street begins. You will like the red sofas and puffy armchairs as well as the warm and friendly service. Snickers cheesecake and the latte with maple syrup are the must-try at this cafe. Different home-made yogurts are also available to order. Come here with your friends to enjoy some coffee. The delicious combination of Latte and Snickers cheesecake will cost you around $2.50.

7. Shokoladnytsya

Address: 24, Khreshchatyk str     Nearest Metro Station: Khreshchatyk

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his cafe with “chocolate design” and great view of Khreshchatyk is a terrific option for meeting with friends or colleagues. Its perfect location and 24-hour working schedule makes it one of the most visited cafes in Kiev. Shokoladnytsya is famous not only for good coffee, but also homemade hot chocolate and wonderful desserts. Their house special chocolate cake “Shokoladnista” will not leave you wanting (sponge cake with layers of condensed milk cream, coated with chocolate sauce and decorated with almonds)! A hot cappuccino with “Shokoladnitsa” cake are a great combination for a cold January evening, and will cost you less than $4.

8. Coffee House

Address: 7/11, Khreshchatyk str     Nearest Metro Station: Khreshchatyk

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his cafe is located just in a few steps from Maidan Square. It has a spacious hall with a well-designed cosy interior where you can comfortably rest, have a meeting or even work. It’s open even at night, so you can drop there in every moment! The cafe also has European-type cuisine and special offers for business lunches. But direct your attention to their beverages and desserts. Tips to try at Coffee House: a double cappuccino and the house cheesecake, which together will cost you about $4.

Enjoy your coffee time in Kiev!